Which are Alberta’s Top Training Startups Shaping Canada’s Future Workforce?

Alberta, a bustling province in Canada, known for its vast natural resources and incredible landscapes, is also home to a rising number of remarkable startups. In particular, the province boasts a flourishing scene of forward-thinking training and education-based ventures. Specializing in fields ranging from personalized tutoring to advanced technological training, Alberta’s startups are catering to a diverse array of learning needs. Here, we turn the spotlight on fifteen of Alberta’s intriguing training startups that are transforming education and professional training spaces.

These startups offer solutions such as online public speaking training for children, advanced educational technology for safety training, and even immersive tech for recruiting and onboarding. Each venture is proof of Alberta’s capacity for innovation as they expand education and training beyond traditional boundaries. Equipped with the vision and tools to reshape the future of learning, these promising startups are combining innovative approaches and technology to solve real-world, practical challenges across different industries.

In a world that’s constantly evolving, training and education have become a necessity for individuals and organizations. The startups highlighted below are stepping up, providing exciting and valuable resources that cater to unique learning needs in today’s fast-paced society. Read on to find out more about these intriguing ventures that are setting new standards for learning and training in Alberta and beyond.


TalkMaze, co-founded by Ghalia Aamer, is an E-Learning startup on a mission to instill confidence in children aged 5-17 through personalized virtual public speaking and debate training.

Hone Virtual Education Ltd.

Established by Alex Jackson, Hone Virtual Education Ltd. combines psychology and technology to improve user’s medical cue recognition in high-risk, high-stress environments.

Saga Wisdom

Co-founded by Darcy Fairbrother, David Anderson, and Dylan Lougheed, Saga Wisdom provides a master class online training for the energy industry.

Lenica Research Group

Simba Nyazika, co-founded Lenica Research Group, which develops tools to assess, identify, and improve cognitive health impairments.


InUnison, provides cloud-based health and safety software management solutions.


PMDODojo is a diverse and inclusive learning community that helps people in product grow throughout their careers.


NIDUM, founded by Jose Azares, is an Immersive Tech Startup creating immersive recruiting, onboarding, and training modules for businesses. Visit their website here.

Canadian Equality Consulting

Co-founded by Marcie Hawranik, Canadian Equality Consulting is a diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm.


Through financial education, NextStep provides an 8-week program that empowers youth with the tools and skills they need.


Soteria120 uses advanced educational technology to improve performance & reduce costs by solving key problems in safety training.


uLearnify provides an online supplementary remedial and enrichment elementary school for students.


Conceived by Gregg Oldring, Llearner is an e-learning app helping users to track books, listen to podcasts, courses, articles, and training for easier learning.


Hint, co-founded by Luc Vanderham, employs a panel of psychologists, data analysts, and career experts to create a simple and effective career planning solution.


DjamgaTech is a platform offering educational training and certification courses for IT professionals.


Tutorship, an online tutoring platform, provides tutors with their own private workspace equipped with all the essential tools to conduct online sessions.

In conclusion, these fifteen startups demonstrate that Alberta is an exciting hub for education and training innovation. With each of these ventures carving their own unique path, they collectively reflect the vibrant and dynamic startup ecosystem that exists within the province. As they continue to evolve and grow, it’s unquestionable that Alberta’s training startups will play a crucial role in shaping the future of learning and professional development.

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