How Are Ontario’s Leading AR Startups Influencing Canada’s Tech Industry?

Setting the pace for digital innovation in North America, Ontario is a welcome home for a wide array of advanced technology startups. This region in Canada is gaining global recognition for its contributions to the evolving Augmented Reality (AR) sector. These startups are breaking new ground, offering imaginative solutions and products in fields as diverse as advertising, e-commerce, public safety, fashion, gaming, and more. This article will spotlight some remarkable AR startups based in Ontario, their operations, industries they serve, and the founders behind these pioneering ventures.

Augmented Reality, a technology that overlays digital information on the real world, is revolutionizing myriad sectors. This technology is enabling novel ways for businesses to engage with customers, simplify complex tasks, enhance gaming experiences and much more. Businesses in Ontario are leveraging AR’s boundless potentials to influence their industries positively. Let’s explore some of these exciting AR ventures in Ontario, all trailblazers within their industries.

By spotlighting these startups, we aim to reveal the breadth and depth of AR applications. They highlight the innovative spirit and relentless drive that typify Ontario’s thriving startup scene. With their groundbreaking solutions and products, these startups demonstrate the province’s pivotal role in shaping the technology landscape, especially for the AR sector.

Nextech AR Solutions

Nextech AR Solutions is a publicly traded Metaverse company focused on augmented reality solutions, spatial mapping, and 3D models. Operating in the 3D Technology, Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, E-commerce, Geospatial, Mapping Services, and Software industries, Nextech is driven by founders Evan Gappelberg and Nikhil Sawlani.

Dark Slope Studios

With its base in the world of animation, augmented reality, digital entertainment, gaming, information technology, local business, video games, and virtual reality, Dark Slope Studios is a formidable VR/AR developer. The startup company was founded by Raja Khanna.

Longan Vision Corp

Founded by Ash Liu, Enzo Jia, and Leno Zhao, Longan Vision Corp has designed an AR solution specifically for first responders to help navigate dangerous environments. The startup operates in the fields of Augmented Reality, Information Services, Information Technology, Product Design, and Public Safety.

TRYON Technology

In the Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, E-Commerce, and Jewelry industry, TRYON Technology is revolutionizing the way people purchase jewelry online using artificial intelligence. This startup was brought to life by founders Andrii Tsok and Nataliia Tsok.

VRapeutic, Inc.

VRapeutic, Inc., a UNICEF Innovation Fund software house, specializes in rehabilitation solutions using VR for neurodevelopmental challenges. Founded by Ahmad Al-Kabbany and Yahya Alaa, the company operates within the Augmented Reality, Education, Health Care, Information Technology, Neuroscience, Rehabilitation, Software, and Virtual Reality realms.

MODU Research

MODU Research is an Immersive Media Startup co-founded by Abdou Sarr and Mo Alissa. The start-up competes in the Augmented Reality, Consumer Software, Information Technology, Mobile, and Software segments.


Founded by Siamak Freydoonnejad, 1lens builds an app that lets users edit with permanent stickers and shoot videos. The company is part of the Augmented Reality, Mobile, Mobile Apps, and Software industries.


Operating in a unique blend of industries including Augmented Reality, Cryptocurrency, Information Technology, Social Media Management, Social Network, Software, Video Games, Virtual Reality, Metaghiti spans many digital platforms. This startup, founded by Hosein Moazzen, focuses on the Metaverse, VR, AR, Game, Ctypto, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Cryptocurrenty, Blockchain, DeFi, Decentralization.


SilicoLabs makes it easy for anyone to create 2D, 3D, and real-world tasks to test and assess human and AI behaviour on any platform. The startup operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Market Research, Neuroscience, Software, and Virtual Reality sectors.

Zesty Market

Zesty Market offers marketing and business tools that enable users to monetize their creations on the Metaverse. The startup serves the Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Internet, and Virtual Reality sectors.


Geescore™, founded by Frank Abrams, instantly scores a Jobseeker for any job posting. The startup operates within the Augmented Reality, and Human Resources industries.


XpertVR, founded by Drew MacNeil and Evan Sitler, offers a SaaS portal for consumer behaviour and academic researchers. The startup operates within the Augmented Reality, Market Research, Software, Virtual Reality sectors, and more.


SpaceCard, founded by Milan Baić, describes itself as the VR Postcard for Showcasing Spaces™. The startup operates within the Augmented Reality, Developer Platform, Mobile Apps, and Virtual Reality industries.

XR Ignite

XR Ignite is a community hub and virtual accelerator for startups, studios, and developers to connect with corporate customers, founded by Alan Smithson. The startup operates within the Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Retail Technology, Sales Automation, and Virtual Reality sectors.


Digitalogia specializes in data visualization with leading edge Digital twins, VR, AR applications. Founded by Kamran Baqai, this startup competes in the Augmented Reality, Information Technology, Software, and Virtual Reality industries.

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