Which Ontario CleanTech Startups are Influencing Canada’s Sustainable Future?

In the world of startups, innovation is key. This is especially true when it comes to CleanTech, an industry that aims to develop and use technologies that are less harmful to the environment. Today, we’ll be exploring a total of 15 Ontario-based CleanTech startups, each offering unique solutions aimed at sustainability and environmental awareness. Let’s dig in!

These startups range from agriculture to construction, from machine learning to renewable energy. Each represents a unique facet of the CleanTech industry, showcasing both the breadth and depth that Ontario startups have to offer. Now, let’s take a closer look at these innovative ventures, starting with QEA Tech.

Whether they are harnessing the power of machine learning, redefining agricultural technologies, or advancing sustainable construction materials, these Ontario-based startups are not only transforming industry standards but also promoting a more sustainable future. Let’s move on to introducing these trailblazers one by one.

QEA Tech

QEA Tech utilizes an amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence, drone technology, and thermal imaging to provide comprehensive information about building envelopes. This CleanTech startup was co-founded by Peyvand Melati and caters to a variety of industries including Analytics, Building Maintenance, Environmental Consulting, Green Building, and Smart Building.

Liven Proteins

Started by Fei Luo, Liven Proteins adopts an innovative approach to produce functional protein ingredients by fermenting agriculture and food industry byproducts. The AgTech startup functions in the realms of Biotechnology, CleanTech, Food and Beverage, and Sustainability.


AMATEC constructs affordable, eco-friendly, and strong dwellings at a fast pace with their High-Density Gypsum. They deal in industries like Advanced Materials, Building Material, CleanTech, Construction, and Manufacturing.

Urban Stalk Inc.

Urban Stalk Inc., led by Brent Downey, works towards improving food security for urban and vulnerable communities with their hydroponic technology innovations.

Cyclic Materials

Specializing in recycling, Cyclic Materials offer services centered around recovering rare earth elements. Ahmad Ghahreman and Patrick Nee launched this startup with the intent to contribute to the CleanTech and Industrial sectors.


Fractalytic, brought to life by Bhavesh Kakwani and Mike Skirzynski, offers technology that enables streaming carbon data from any meter.


At EAIGLE, co-founders Akshaya Mishra, Amir Hoss, and Mahdi Marsousi are implementing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep-Tech, and Clean-Tech to create innovative solutions for a plethora of industries.

Seal Storage

Focused on Big Data, Blockchain, Business Information Systems, CleanTech, Cloud Storage, Cryptocurrency, MIS, Seal Storage offers carbon-neutral, decentralized cloud storage. Their founders include Alex Altman, Andrew McFarlane, and Michael Horowitz.


Dux provides an all-in-one platform to create, share & follow digital instructions. Founders Arnab Barua and Martin Gagne launched this startup to cater to CleanTech, Consumer Software, Enterprise Software, Mobile, SaaS, Social Media, and Software sectors.

Volta Technique

Volta Technique focuses on developing clean energy storage technology. Their industry interests include Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy, and Energy Efficiency.


OzoneBio, co-founded by Anna Khusnutdinova and Khorcheska Batyrova, is dedicated to producing bio-plastics from lignocellulosic waste.


TLT CAPITAL works as an investor and advisor for disruptive companies that contribute positively to society.

Hybrixcel, Inc.

Specializing in Geothermal energy generation, Hybrixcel, Inc. works as a technology developer. The startup, founded by Sara Shahmohammadi, has a focus on CleanTech, Consulting, and Energy.

Volterra Energy Marketplace

The Volterra Energy Marketplace is a SaaS platform focusing on CleanTech and Renewable energy.

Mobility Innovation Lab (MIL)

Mobility Innovation Lab (MIL) accelerates startup growth by increasing collaboration between authorities, operators, and industry organizations. Their founder, Jaspal Singh, helps them cater to a slew of industries.

In conclusion, Ontario’s CleanTech startups are making strides in a variety of sectors, from artificial intelligence to renewable energy. In a world where sustainability and environmental awareness become more crucial each day, the efforts of these startups are not just revolutionary, but also highly necessary. As they continue their journey, we can all expect to see new innovations and solutions that drive the CleanTech industry into the future.

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