Which Ontario Startups Are Revolutionizing Lead Generation in 2023?

Ontario is becoming a thriving hotbed for startups thanks to its robust and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem. Among these rising stars, numerous startups are focusing on lead generation, providing innovative solutions that leverage technology to help businesses find new customers and increase sales. Here, we showcase top lead generation startups in Ontario, Canada, ranging from artificial intelligence-based systems to relationship signal monitoring solutions for businesses of all sizes.

These startups are offering diverse solutions across varied industries, creating opportunities for businesses to reach potential clients effectively. In an age where digital marketing is pivotal to the success of any business, their innovative approaches to lead generation are making waves in Ontario’s tech space.

We’ll take you through each of these ventures, dive into their offerings, and learn about their founders. In no particular order, let’s get into some of the interesting lead generation startups reshaping the business landscape right from Ontario, Canada.

Pipeline Signals Inc.

Founded by Jamie Shanks, Pipeline Signals Inc. provides intelligence monitoring for account-based sales, integrating seamlessly with CRM systems for effective lead management, sales automation, and marketing. As part of the information services, lead generation, and software industries, reshaping the way businesses engage with potential clients.

Karla AI

Karla AI is a real estate application that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enhance lead generation in the real estate industry. This startup is working on expanding the boundaries of AI and software to improve real estate lead generation outcomes.

Boostyd Interactive

Boostyd Interactive is committed to empowering businesses through AI-powered performance advertising solutions and ROI-driven marketing campaigns. Their cross-industry solution benefits numerous sectors such as ad networks, digital marketing, digital media, and mobile advertising.


Coined from the minds of Stephen Hakami, Wiza is a lead generation software that provides LinkedIn prospecting, scraping, and email verification solutions. This startup is helping businesses find new leads through innovative email sourcing techniques.

The Writer Buzz

Founded by Mitchell Conery, The Writer Buzz specializes in lead generation, sales automation, and sales engagement services using innovative software solutions.


ClientEye, founded by Ebi Laffafian and Sepi Madani, offers AI software that identifies all website visitors automatically. This startup transforms anonymous site visitors into potential leads for businesses.

Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue, led by Nick Hollinger and Taras Zubyak, uses ingenious ways to help businesses know who visited their websites. Their technology is part of the growing trend of using analytics to boost lead generation efforts.

Lunas Consulting

Lunas Consulting offers sales consulting and B2B lead generation services, empowering businesses to secure viable leads.

Toronto SEO Company | SEOTWIX

Founded by Yulian Fediukov, Toronto SEO Company | SEOTWIX is an award-winning SEO company from Toronto that provides a comprehensive solution for digital marketing and lead generation, including SEO, SEM, and content marketing.


Wavo, founded by Anton van Rhyn, offers a sales engagement platform for B2B lead generation agencies, giving businesses a boost in securing viable leads.


Founded by Martin Borowski, Leadbright uses AI for website demand generation and revenue growth. It combines various techniques from big data, marketing, and machine learning industries to provide robust lead generation solutions.

Mankind Media

Mankind Media is a consulting firm that connects real estate entities through business models, lead generation, and digital marketing solutions.

MyMo Leads

MyMo Leads is a marketing company providing B2B telephone lead generation, creating efficient telemarketing campaigns for businesses to generate high quality leads.

eMacity Leads

eMacity Leads helps ambitious brands leverage technology, data, and creative thinking to transform their operations with dynamic lead generation techniques.


VirtualUP offers advanced lead generation and custom Ads solutions. As part of the IT, advertising, and lead generation industries, this startup is employing technology in reshaping how businesses connect with potential clients.

These innovative startups are pushing the boundaries of lead generation, demonstrating the transformative potentials of technology in reshaping how businesses connect with their potential clients in Ontario, Canada and beyond. As they continue to evolve and expand, we can only anticipate the novel strategies they will introduce to the lead generation ecosystem.

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