Who Are British Columbia’s Most Influential Computer Startups in 2023?

As the world continues to navigate the complexities of the global pandemic, technology has become an even more critical part of our lives. British Columbia, a province in Canada once famed for its breathtaking landscapes, is now famed for a different kind of landscape: its budding tech scene. This article brings focus to some fascinating computer startups in British Columbia, leading the way in diverse fields such as computer vision, machine learning, education, and more.

These startups, some of which carry considerable potential for industry transformation, exemplify the innovative culture of British Columbia. From dropshipping marketplaces to robot vision intelligence software, these companies are using technology to solve unique challenges and redefine their industries. Join us as we explore each one.

Buckle up for a journey of disruptive innovation, technological advancements, and pioneering undertakings, as we delve into the heart of these exciting computer startups in British Columbia.


A thriving Spocket is a dropshipping marketplace serving 40,000 merchants. Operating in the Computer, E-Commerce, Machine Learning, Marketplace, Software industry, it was founded by Saba Mohebpour and Tom Hansen. They have carved a niche for themselves in providing unique solutions to e-commerce requirements.

Apera AI

Next on the list we have Apera AI. Apera AI is building robot vision intelligence software for precision manufacturing. The company is led by founders Armin Khatoonabadi and Sina Afrooze, who work in the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Computer, Machine Learning, Manufacturing, and Software.


Quickpass is looking to redefine cybersecurity with its privileged access management platform for managed service providers. Despite its industry being very competitive, Quickpass is quickly making a name for itself in the Computer, Cyber Security, and Software sector.

OneCup AI

One of the most innovative startups in BC is OneCup AI. OneCup uses Computer Vision to identify livestock, allowing for improved tracking of health, growth, activity, and phenotypes. It was founded by Geoffrey Shmigelsky who has a strong background in the agriculture and machine learning industry.


In the field of human resources, Ariglad provides effortless ticket management for people teams. Founders Ali Avci and Sophie Wyne showcase that software solutions have a crucial role to play in HR.

Skylab Technologies

Skylab Technologies develops A.I. photo editing tools for businesses, freelancers, and hobbyists. Founders Alireza Shafaei and TJ Rak have expertly integrated Artificial Intelligence, Computer, Machine Learning, and Software to make digital photo editing accessible to everyone.


Sentire offers APIs and custom solutions for vision. Sentire, led by Mahsoo Salimi, operates in multiple industries including Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

Graffiti Games

As an independent video game publisher, Graffiti Games is comprised of industry veterans including founders Alex Josef, Alex Lepp, and Mihalis Belantis. They are major players in the Computer, Gaming, and PC Games industry.


Puter, a startup dedicated to “cloud computing for everyday users”, is led by founder Nariman Jelveh. Puter operates in the Cloud Computing, Computer, Internet, Operating Systems, PaaS, and Software industry.

Forward Security

Forward Security offers security solutions for the finance, health, technology, and utilities industries, establishing themselves as a trusted name in Network Security.

Cat’s Eye

Cat’s Eye is working on an AI-based solution to detect any type of violence in schools. This startup, co-founded by Ahmad Mahooti, Golzad Fadaei, and Hamid Ghadimi is effectively using technology to prioritize safety in the education sector. Check them out here.

HaulR Logistics

With a focus on optimizing dump truck utilization, HaulR Logistics is a Trucking Management platform built for general contractors, drivers, and brokers. Its founder, Tom Chute, has been instrumental in positioning the startup in the Computer and Software industry.


ABOMIS provides IT solutions and services for airports and airlines. Headquartered in Vancouver, this startup has bottled technology to streamline the air transportation industry.

Many Hats

Many Hats is a technology company providing web, mobile, gaming, and AR/VR services. Founded by Evan Despault and Michael Despault, the startup has seamlessly integrated technology into everyday experiences.

Conquer Experience

Finally, we have Conquer Experience, who stand by the belief that education and experience impact healthcare outcomes. This startup, led by Angela Robert and Dave Foster, operates across multiple industries including Computer, Continuing Education, E-Learning, Health Care, and more.

Each startup mentioned is a testament to the innovative culture and transformative potential of British Columbia’s tech scene. As these startups continue to grow and influence their respective industries, we can only expect them to contribute to shaping a brighter future. Watch this space for more exciting developments in the BC tech ecosystem.

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