Which British Columbia Gaming Startups are Shaping Canada’s 2023 Industry?

British Columbia’s innovation-centric environment and advancements in technology have led to the launch of a myriad of visionary startups. Gaming startups, in particular, have been thriving here, offering unique and cutting-edge solutions to engage gamers, boost community interactions, and revolutionize e-learning. With the advent of new technologies such as blockchain and virtual reality, the gaming landscape continues to unfold, creating a multitude of opportunities for British Columbia startups to make their marks. In this article, we delve into interesting gaming startups hailing from this Canadian province.

From indie game publishing to e-sports governance, these startups are leading a fleet of promising ventures. This eclectic list proves that gaming is a significant part of modern life, be it for entertainment, education, or social interaction. As we delve into the heart of each startup, we will explore their unique selling propositions, their founders, and the industries they cater to.

Revolutionizing the gaming industry is no easy task, but these startups are taking the bull by its horn. Engaging in the battlefield of cutting-edge technology, gamification, skill-based gaming, and leveraging blockchain technology, these groundbreaking startups are setting the gaming scene ablaze. Let’s “play along” as we explore the dynamics behind these companies and what they bring to the table.

Graffiti Games

Graffiti Games is an independent video game publisher bearing an impressive portfolio of impactful products. Founded by industry veterans Alex Josef, Alex Lepp, and Mihalis Belantis, the company is constantly pushing the envelope within the computer and PC gaming industry. Given their diverse knowledge and relentless passion for gaming, Graffiti Games assures unforgettable gaming experiences to users. Visit their website here.

Payper Win

Turn your sports knowledge into a cash win through Payper Win’s peer-to-peer sports betting platform. Founded by Justin Beaune, Payper Win aims at making sports gaming more exciting and rewarding. If you are into sports gaming, check out their website here.


In the age of superfan engagement, GameOn is gradually becoming a household name. Through their user-friendly platform, superfans can easily engage with their favorite sports, events, or shows, in an interactive way. Matt Bailey is one of the pillars that shape this fast-evolving venture catering to the blockchain, cryptocurrency, fantasy sports, gaming, mobile apps, online games, and sports industry. Find more about GameOn here.

X1 Esports and Entertainment

X1 Esports and Entertainment merges gaming and media to create fascinating content to captivate gamers. Founded by Adam Giddens and Mark Elfenbein, X1 Esports and Entertainment is centered around the video game and content creator industries, embracing the evolving landscape of information technology and entertainment. Learn more here.


A brainchild of Annee Ngo, Matthew Jones, and Rukshana Hassanali, SoftServe is a game-based learning and assessment platform designed to impart soft skills to users in an engaging way. Gamifying education, SoftServe’s innovative approach is making learning fun and effective. Check out their service here.


For those wanting to learn programming in a dynamic and engaging manner, Battlesnake is the perfect platform. Brad Van Vugt is a leading force behind the startup that’s turning gaming into a helpful and fun tool for budding programmers. Discover more about Battlesnake here.


Founded by Andrew Hanlon, DistantTwins turns up the heat in the celebrity, gaming, and social media industry with its innovative application. This new form of entertainment holds unparalleled attraction for users. Learn more about DistantTwins here.

Altcoin Fantasy

Cynthia Huang and Tommy Chan introduced Altcoin Fantasy to let users learn about crypto trading without bearing any risk. With their cryptocurrency trading simulator, users can learn and practice trading before diving into the actual financial arena. Explore more about Altcoin Fantasy here.

LEAF Mobile

Founded by Darcy Taylor, LEAF Mobile is offering free-to-play mobile games that result in player loyalty. These games are not just engaging but also elevate the fun for gaming enthusiasts. Check out their offerings here.


Bringing esport coaching to gamers through their platform, Insights.gg are trendsetters in the online space. The brainchild of Jim Ko, John Kim, and Kevin H., the platform facilitates collaboration among players and provides invaluable insights. Check them out here.

TGS Esports

TGS Esports brings the thrill of e-sports to gamers of all skill levels. This community e-sports center was founded by Spiro Khouri, aiming to provide a space for players to watch and compete year-round. Discover more about TGS Esports here.


Zimoxy, founded by Alexander Lazarik, Maksim Bogomol, and Nikita Kononenko, is transforming the world of online games. They are making their presence felt in the video game service business. Find out more about Zimoxy here.

Epic Story Interactive

Epic Story Interactive, the brainchild of Chad Greenway, Dennis Leong, and Ken Faier is an independent game studio located in Vancouver. Everything they touch, be it Android, iOS, or casual games, they make sure the final product is truly epic. Discover their story at here.

Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc

Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc is a significant player in the e-commerce, gaming, software, and video games industry. With their mobile technology platform, they are pushing boundaries in skill-based gaming. Visit their website here.

Tiny Colony

Lastly, Tiny Colony takes blockchain gaming to a new level, offering web3 experiences to users. They are fueling the blockchain trend in the gaming industry. Check out their venture here.

In conclusion, the innovative gaming startups from British Columbia are creating a ripple effect in the global gaming industry. From skill-based platforms to blockchain-powered gaming experiences, these startups are leveling up the gaming experience for users from all walks of life. Their ingenious blending of technology and gaming is indeed transforming the gaming landscape and setting new standards in the industry.

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