Who Are British Columbia’s Most Influential Video Startups in 2023?

British Columbia has long been established as a global tech hotspot, with a particular focus on innovative video, gaming, and related technologies. Testament to BC’s thriving tech scene are these 15 startups, noted for their impressive approach to video-related technology and creative sectors. Integrating cutting-edge technology like blockchain and immersive 3D, or focusing on social aspects of gaming and video streaming, each startup is carving its unique approach in a technology-driven world. If you’re looking to keep an eye on Britsh Columbia’s future, these are the startups to watch.

Snack App

Founders Kim Kaplan has designed Snack App to focus on a video-first concept for connecting people online. Positioned in the realms of Apps, Dating, Digital Entertainment, iOS, and Video, it’s targeting Gen-Z users looking for meaningful connections. The unique video-first approach deviates from traditional dating apps, offering a fresh outlook on digital dating experiences.


Web3Games has emerged as a revolutionary player in the Blockchain and Video Game industry. Founded by KK Chen and Pak Hin, Web3Games aims to build a community-driven ecosystem combining gaming and blockchain technology in a unique platform.

Cash Live

Startups like Cash Live have gamified the mobile sector by introducing live-streamed hosted poker tournaments. Founders Matt Jarvis and Samarth Chandola have effectively combined Fantasy Sports, Gambling, Mobile, and Video Streaming sectors to create an interactive and engaging platform.

X1 Esports and Entertainment

X1 Esports and Entertainment is another considerable startup, focusing on the video game and content creator industries. Founders Adam Giddens and Mark Elfenbein have crafted a gaming and media portfolio company poised for success.

Sherwa Online Services

Founded by Andre P. Gross, Luiz Persechini, and Pedro Vasconcellos, Sherwa is a collaborative platform connecting players in an online community. Orientated towards the Gaming, ICT, Peer-To-Peer, Sharing Economy, and Video Games sectors, Sherwa aims to help gamers and foster friendships.


Castr simplifies high-quality video content delivery using Akamai CDN, providing an accessible platform for businesses of all sizes. Founders Asha Sukannya, Gokul Ramkumar, and Govinda Sunil’s creation represents a giant leap in the Internet, Software, Video, and Video Streaming sectors.


50mMidas, a digital media company founded by Justin Jin, has made a mark in the Content, Content Creators, Media and Entertainment, Social Media Advertising, and Video industries. Its cross-platform stance broadens its appeal and adaptability.

LEAF Mobile

Free-to-play mobile game group, LEAF Mobile, created by Founder Darcy Taylor, captivates players with engaging games that forge long-lasting player loyalty. Its contribution to the Gaming, Mobile Apps, Online Games, and Video Games sectors is noteworthy.

Extremely OK Games

Extremely OK Games offers digital amusement services, carving a niche for itself in the Internet, Online Games, and Video Games industries.


As one of the fastest-growing entities in the game server industry, Zimoxy is becoming a household name. Founders Alexander Lazarik, Maksim Bogomol, and Nikita Kononenko have brought together the Communities, Content, Gaming, Online Games, and Video Games sectors under one flag, promising thrilling and engaging gaming experiences.

SingularityX Studios

SingularityX Studios, founded by Liam Lytton, is committed to creating immersive video games that stand out in the competitive video games industry.

Epic Story Interactive

Founders Chad Greenway, Dennis Leong, and Ken Faier of Epic Story Interactive have established an independent game studio that brings exciting gaming experiences to gamers on Android, iOS, and other platforms.

Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc

The brainchild of unknown founders, Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc stands out in the E-Commerce, Gaming, Software, and Video Games sectors, with a unique SaaS, Social Network, Skill-Based Gaming, Mobile, and Tech Platform.

Tiny Colony

Specializing in blockchain games, Tiny Colony provides a gaming platform for users to enjoy a unique web3 experience. Its contribution to Blockchain, Gaming, Online Games, and Video Games shines a light on game development’s future.

Utopia VR

Utopia VR, a Metaverse-as-a-Solution company, cuts an intriguing figure in the 3D Technology, Video Conferencing, and Virtual Reality industries. Though the founders of this platform remain unknown, the concept of a Metaverse-as-a-Solution company seems to be a game-changing idea.

In conclusion, these 15 startups from British Columbia display a thriving tech scene, focusing on not just video and gaming, but also integrating the social and economic aspects of these industries. While the future of technology is ever-evolving, these startups hint at a future which is not only exciting and entertaining but also innovative and interconnected.

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