Who are British Columbia’s Most Influential Energy Startups in 2023?

Welcome to another energizing issue of CanadaVenture.news, where our focus is always on the freshest and most interesting startups from across our great nation. This time, we’re heading to the picturesque province of British Columbia, a hub for leading-edge innovators working on bringing us towards a cleaner and brighter future. Specifically, we’re zeroing in on some of the most promising energy startups in this part of the world.

The energy sector is undeniably undergoing a revolution, with new technologies and business models emerging at a rapid pace. B.C. has become a beacon for sustainable innovation, hosting a range of companies committed to delivering solutions to energy storage, power generation, and environmental challenges. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of BC’s energy startups.

Ranging from novel battery technologies to renewable energy project development, these startups are challenging existing norms and pushing the boundaries for what is possible in the energy sector. Let’s meet them.


Audette is cutting a path through the B2B Corporate Real Estate industry with their Carbon-Free planning SaaS. Founded by Christopher Naismith, their focus is on energy management and efficiency, a critical field in the commercial real estate industry. Leveraging software solutions to streamline energy-efficient practices is their expertise.


Ionomr, co-founded by Benjamin Britton and Bill Haberlin, develops innovative ion-exchange materials – Aemion™ & Pemion™ – which are set to redefine clean technology applications involving electrochemistry. From water purification to renewable energy, this BC start-up is truly pioneering within its sphere.

Moment Energy

“The creators behind Moment Energy are increasing access to renewable and reliable battery energy storage. Founded by Edward Chiang, Gabriel Soares, Sumreen Rattan and Gurmesh Sidhu, Moment Energy is championing environmentally friendly initiatives within the battery and renewable energy industry.”


Daanaa, the brainchild of Javad Shariatzadeh and Soroush Dehghani, is a game-changer in the energy sector. Its innovative semiconductor technology allows for power transactions in both AC/DC modes, wired or wirelessly, paving the way for future clean energy solutions.

VRB Energy

A global leader in vanadium redox battery technology, VRB Energy is on a mission to enable a green energy future on a global scale. Their focus on sustainable energy solutions positions them prominently within the renewable energy industry.

Solaires Entreprises Inc

Solaires Entreprises Inc, found by Fabian de la Fuente and Sahar Sam, is committed to bringing solar energy to the masses. Scientists and engineers comprise this entrepreneurial venture, pushing the boundaries of clean technologies and renewable solar energy.

MCF Energy

Focusing on oil and gas properties, MCF Energy is exploring and developing energy resources to meet the world’s burgeoning demand for energy. While fossil fuels remain part of the energy mix, startups like MCF are improving efficiency and reducing wastage.

NeoGreen Hydrogen

NeoGreen Hydrogen is pioneering the development of large-scale green hydrogen. Concentrating on the emerging markets of renewable and industrial energy, they’re embracing sustainability to a whole new level.


Improving building health, comfort, and energy efficiency is the goal for Oxygen8. Founders James Dean and Matthew Doherty are using clean energy technologies to develop products that combat poor indoor air quality and high energy usage.

Nova Royalty

Nova Royalty, co-founded by Alex Tsukernik, is focused on acquiring royalties on copper and nickel deposits — crucial materials in the clean energy transition. By securing a steady supply of these precious metals, Nova Royalty supports the green energy sector while also offering investors exposure to essential mining assets.

EverGen Infrastructure

EverGen Infrastructure, co-founded by Chase Edgelow and Mischa Zajtmann, is dedicated to building and operating a portfolio of Renewable Natural Gas and waste-to-energy infrastructure projects. They are redefining how we view and use natural resources, transforming waste into valuable energy.

Viridis Research

Specializing in water treatment & recycling, Viridis Research is on a mission to rectify systemic socio-economic water problems. By utilizing renewable energy in their operations, they are playing a vital role in the creation of sustainable water solutions.


Powertrust leverages their expertise to develop, finance, and operate renewable energy projects. They provide consulting services that help guide startups navigating through the complexities of the renewable energy realm.

Hertz Lithium

Providing sustainable long-term lithium resource investment and extraction is the main aim for Hertz Lithium. Lithium is an essential component in battery technologies, making its sustainable extraction a critical aspect for the future of energy storage.


GRT, based in Victoria, BC, is a cleantech company committed to resolving contaminated soil and water problems. They are instrumental in the remediation of harmful contamination, thus protecting our planet and valuable natural resources.

These British Columbian energy startups showcase the incredible diversity, creativity, and commitment to a sustainable future that characterizes our province’s emerging businesses. By pushing the envelope and developing novel solutions to pressing problems, they are paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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