Who are Ontario’s Most Influential Cloud Computing Startups in 2023?

Cloud computing has taken the business world by storm, providing reliable, scalable, and secure digital services. The flexibility and increased collaboration facilitated by cloud services have allowed businesses, particularly startups, to streamline their processes and achieve their goals more efficiently. This is particularly evident in Ontario, Canada, where a myriad of innovative cloud computing startups is making a significant impact on the technology scene. Here are fifteen of the most intriguing.

Let’s delve deeper into the descriptions of these innovating startups, their industries, and their founders. Each of these startups, in their unique way, is making strides in the world of cloud computing, and at the same time, contributing to the burgeoning tech ecosystem, creating solutions for numerous industries ranging from legal technology to artificial intelligence and everything in between.

To offer a comprehensive view, we will discuss each startup’s product or service offering, the industry they operate in, and the visionaries behind these innovative companies. Now, let’s get started.


FilSwan develops a storage and computing infrastructure layer for Web3. This Canadian startup operates at the intersection of blockchain, cloud computing, and information technology, co-founded by the visionary Charles Cao.


Functionland aims to disrupt the monopoly of central cloud storage. It operates in the realms of Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Consumer Electronics, and Software. It was founded by Aaron Maines, Arman Shirani, and Ehsan Shariati.

MSP Corp

MSP Corp propels managed service providers by providing them with tools and technology for efficiency, and quality service delivery. Its co-founders, Jason Dacosta and Ravi Ramharak, have deep roots in cloud computing, cloud infrastructure, information technology, IT management, and software.


Raduim provides access to advanced AI development tools and systems as a service, from its cloud-based platform. Founded by Adam Hendin and Aron Jackson, Raduim operates in various tech industries including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cloud infrastructure, information technology, machine learning, and software.


Matter365, co-founded by Michael Carr, Milovan Milic, and Tom Serani, is a cloud platform designed to help law-firms save time, bill more, and work from home. They operate under the industry of Cloud Computing, Legal Tech, and Software.

Mech Solutions

Mech Solutions, established by Haoliang Zhou, is a Canadian 3D printing company providing 3D printing service, retail, and software development. They delve into the industries of 3D Printing, Cloud Computing, Cloud Data Services, Information Technology, Internet of Things, and Software.

Altis Labs

Altis Labs aids life sciences companies run smaller, faster, and more successful clinical trials using its computational imaging software platform. Co-founded by Felix Baldauf-Lenschen, the firm integrates multiple domains including artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, biopharma, biotechnology, clinical trials, cloud computing, healthcare, health diagnostics, machine learning, and pharmaceutical.

SuiteSpot Technology

SuiteSpot Technology is a SaaS firm offering real estate AI, turnover, mobile inspections, and more. The startup, co-founded by Elik Jaeger, operates in the spaces of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, commercial real estate, mobile apps, real estate, residential, SaaS, and software.

InFlow Machine Learning

InFlow Machine Learning puts forward an out-of-the-box cloud-based people counting platform that leverages existing security cameras. Created by Daniel Wolff, Jacoby Joukema, and Mikhail Andrenkov, they are in the industries of Cloud Computing, Cloud Data Services, and Software.

Arc Compute

Arc Compute is a Toronto-based cloud provider that develops custom GPU-accelerated infrastructure for its customers. Co-founded by Arthur Rasmusson and Justin Ritchie, it functions in the artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cloud infrastructure, enterprise software, information technology, and software sectors.


Softdrive is a cloud-based personal computer designed to run demanding software seamlessly. The startup was envisioned and created by Alan Daniels and Leonard Ivey, and it lies in the industry of Cloud Computing, Software, and Virtual Desktop.

TrueNorth Quantum

TrueNorth Quantum is a cloud platform provider of an advanced, scalable, secure rapid-build platform for decentralized and blockchain applications. It operates in sectors like blockchain, cloud computing, developer platform, information technology, quantum computing, and software.


Pragra is an emerging leader in the delivery of high-quality training to transform your professional career. Co-founded by Atin Sengar, Rahul Singh, and Vivek Ghartan, it operates in industries such as Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, E-Learning, EdTech, Enterprise Software, Project Management, Software Engineering, UX Design, Web Design, and Web Development.


Drizti delivers a cloud High-Performance Computing (HPC) solution as easy to use as a PC. This startup was founded by Devarajan Subramanian, concentrating on Cloud Computing, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Management, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Simulation, and Software.


Kesque is a fully managed cloud messaging service powered by Apache Pulsar. The founders, Chris Bartholomew and Ming Luo, have built a platform that operates in the segments of Cloud Computing, Information Technology, and Software.

In conclusion, these startups make up an integral part of Ontario’s cloud computing landscape, each contributing their innovative solutions while pushing the boundaries of technology. The impressive work they’re doing speaks volumes about the future of technology in the Canadian region.

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