Who are Calgary’s Most Influential Manufacturing Startups in 2023?


Where the Rocky Mountains kiss the prairies, Calgary, Alberta, teems with innovative startups that are fueling Canada’s thriving manufacturing industry. The city is a hotbed of entrepreneurship, providing opportunities for startups to grow and carve their niches within various industries, from biotechnology to food processing. This article will be unearthing some of the most intriguing manufacturing startups and applications that call Calgary home.

From creating psychedelic drugs to the manufacturing of next-generation ultrasound transducers and laser-based vibration sensors, these up-and-coming startups are not just making waves in Calgary but across the globe. Let’s discover fifteen of these innovative operations currently putting the “manufacture” in “The Heart of the New West.”

For each startup, we’ll take a deep dive into their mission, their products or services, their industry and the brilliant minds behind these growing establishments. Gain insight into how these companies are redefining their industries as they flex their innovative muscles in the Canadian manufacturing scene.

Psygen Labs

Psygen Labs is a startup operating in the Biotechnology and Manufacturing sector, founded by Danny Motyka and Peter van der Heyden. The company is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade psychedelic drug products aimed at clinical research and therapeutic applications.

E.O.I Technologies

E.O.I Technologies is a tech startup founded by Alex Sulkin. The company has developed a remote laser-based vibration sensor intended for large-scale data collection. They operate within the Food and Beverage, Machinery Manufacturing, Predictive Analytics, Sensor, and Software industries.

NovusTX Devices

In the Health Care, Manufacturing, Medical, and Medical Device industries, Laura Curiel founded NovusTX Devices. This startup is an advanced ultrasound transducer manufacturer for medical and industrial applications.

Kaliber Chemicals

Kaliber Chemicals, founded by Todd Stauffer, is a distributor of chemicals serving the petroleum, industrial, commercial, institutional, and agriculture sectors. Its industry sectors include Chemical, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, and Oil and Gas.

Northern RNA

Within the Biotechnology, Manufacturing, and Medical industries, Brad Stevens and Thomas Hansen founded Northern RNA. They are a contract development and manufacturing firm offering plasma DNA, bioprocessing, and stability testing services.


Dianomix is a manufacturer providing last-mile delivery solutions using autonomous delivery robots. This startup, founded by Ali Asghari, Marius Ulsamer, and Olivier Aubin, operates in the E-Commerce, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Robotics, and Software industries.

My Fungi

Specializing in the production of high-quality mushrooms in various forms, Dave Auger founded My Fungi. This startup is part of the Agriculture, AgTech, Farming, Food and Beverage, and Manufacturing industries.


HEMPALTA is an agricultural technology company focusing on innovative hemp processing and product creation. They operate within the Agriculture, AgTech, and Manufacturing industries.

Industrial Climate Solutions

Founders Jeff Pallister and Richard Adamson are behind in the Industrial Climate Solutions, a company that develops and commercializes industrial process technologies designed to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. They operate in the Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, and Oil and Gas industries.

Advanced Upstream

Operating in the Industrial Automation, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, and Oil and Gas industries, Advanced Upstream provides engineering and production of advanced completion equipment and testing services to oil and gas companies.


SpectrumH2 is an innovative low-cost supplier of Hydrogen and Carbon Storage solutions. They operate within the Energy, Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy industries.

AIP Industries

AIP Industries is a startup operating in the Industrial Engineering, Machinery Manufacturing, Manufacturing industries, providing CNC machines manufacturing, product development, and engineering services.

Twigz Pretzels

Pioneering in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Snack Food industries, Twigz Pretzels is a snack food manufacturer that manufactures and distributes flavored pretzels.

Rocky Mountain Tisane Company

Another player in the Food and Beverage, Manufacturing industries, the Rocky Mountain Tisane Company focuses on making healthy and refreshing drinks using tea as the main ingredient.

Great Plains MDF

Operating in the Building Material, Manufacturing, Wholesale industries, Great Plains MDF, a company founded by Jamie Carroll, is a producer of wheat straw MDF.

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