Who Are Vancouver’s Most Influential Retail Startups Revolutionizing Shopping in 2023?

Welcome to this informative exploration of some of Vancouver’s most innovative retail startups. Each of these startups is blazing a trail in its respective niche, pushing boundaries of creativity, sustainability, digital acumen, and customer service. Vancouver is increasingly recognized for its vibrant start-up scene, and it’s inspiring to see how these companies are transforming the retail industry through their unique business models and cutting-edge technologies. In each of the companies profiled below, you’ll find a brief introduction and some key information about their founders and the industry in which they operate.


Monos is an independent studio creating impeccably designed, high-quality travel goods at an honest price. Founded by Victor Tam, the company operates in the Adventure Travel, E-Commerce, and Retail industry. Monos strives to make travel more enjoyable through the functional beauty of their products, which combine elegance and resilience.


At Fable, co-founders Joe Parenteau, Maxwell Tims, and Tina Luu have created a beautiful line of dinnerware crafted by artisans from recycled clay. This startup operates in the Consumer Goods, Home Decor, Lifestyle, and Retail industry. Fable challenges the conventional business model by directly connecting customers with craftspersons, thereby ensuring superior quality and sustainability.

ari Technologies

The team at ari Technologies, helmed by founder Sheenah Rogers-Pfeiffer, has developed an innovative platform designed to grow e-commerce businesses through people who love their brand. This startup operates in the Analytics, E-Commerce, Fashion, and Retail Technology industries, and is a manifestation of Rogers-Pfeiffer’s vision to empower businesses by humanizing e-commerce.


luxxee, founded by JP Holecka, brings luxury retail to the digital age with their luxury search engine. The startup operates in the E-Commerce, Fashion, Internet, and Retail industry, providing an easy and intuitive way for customers to discover luxury goods.


Founded by Kaylee Astle, Blanka is a revolutionary platform that simplifies the process of starting a beauty line by automating the branding of products. This startup operates in the Beauty, E-Commerce, Retail Technology, and Software industries, providing a seamless solution for entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

Net Zero Co

Net Zero Co is an online store that offers eco-friendly bags, containers, laundry, cleaning, self-care, and gift products. Operating in the Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, and Retail industries, Net Zero Co is paving the way for sustainable retail by offering products that help consumers reduce their environmental footprint.


The founders of Withe, Daniel Shalinsky, Liam Ross, and Shayne Gelbard, have developed an on-demand video chat for sales teams. Operating in the Retail Technology, SaaS, and Software industries, Withe is transforming the way sales teams communicate and collaborate.


Greenline founders Arturo Miguel, David Oliver, and Jonathan Whitworth have developed a unique carbon revenue generator system for the mobility and e-commerce sectors. Greenlines brings together a variety of industries: Apps, CleanTech, E-Commerce, Environmental Consulting, Green Consumer Goods, Retail, Sustainability, Trading Platform, Transportation. This startup is leveraging technology to drive greater sustainability in the world of retail.


On-demand Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service WeDoLaundry was founded by Abhishek Arora and Mini Bhalla. Operating in the Delivery, Laundry and Dry-cleaning, and Retail industry, WeDoLaundry offers a much-needed solution that combines technology with the convenience of laundry service.

Planted Meals

Planted Meals is a vegan meal delivery service operating in the E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Food Processing, and Retail industries. The startup aims to make plant-based eating more accessible through its affordable and convenient ready-to-eat meal delivery service to the greater Vancouver area.


kiaro is leading the way in the E-Commerce and Retail industry as a brand that carries a variety of curated products designed for individuals wishing to enhance their life enjoyment through cannabis.


Founded by Yassir Mossttafa, the GABANI STORE CORPORATION is a technology-driven digital marketing platform that sells consumer and digital products. Operating in the E-Commerce and Retail industries, this startup is integrating technology with retail in new and exciting ways.

SeedAR Software Solutions Inc.

Co-founders Mohammad Nematzadeh and Yasmin Jalali are leading the revolution in Augmented Reality marketing solutions at SeedAR Software Solutions Inc. Operating in the E-Commerce, Information Technology, Marketing, Retail, and Software industries, SeedAR is pushing the boundaries of immersive customer experiences.


An internet firm that delivers a wide range of products from various brands, Viceroy is a disruptive player in the world of E-Commerce, Internet, Product Design, and Retail.

Lark & Ives Ltd.

Heather Siu, founder of Lark & Ives Ltd., has introduced a direct-to-consumer women’s vegan fashion brand with a focus on creating in-style, attainable-luxurious, and multifunctional products. This startup operates in the E-Commerce and Retail industry and is elevating the standards of vegan fashion.

Despite their differences, these startups share a common thread – they represent Vancouver’s vibrant and innovative entrepreneurial spirits in the retail industry. They clearly demonstrate that when bright minds are combined with a desire to challenge the status quo, exciting and transformational companies are born.

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