Who Are Canada’s Most Influential Property Development Startups in 2023?

In the competitive realm of startups, there has been a growth in the field of property development in recent years. A myriad of innovative young companies have been using unconventional methods to forge ahead in an industry that was once thought to be traditional and impervious to disruption. The following is a showcase of 15 revolutionary property startups in Canada, who are reinventing the way we perceive and engage with property development at the most fundamental level.

These startups are leveraging emerging technology, forward-thinking approaches and unique strategies to redefine the traditional landscape of the property development sector. The startups who are being highlighted as part of this showcase are all based in Canada, which has always been at the forefront of the startup landscape and is increasingly creating a name for it in the world of property development. Each startup is playing a part to reshape the future of the industry in its own way.

From leveraging artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to incorporating the principles of sustainable development and community wellbeing, these startups are a testament to the scope of innovation and creativity in today’s entrepreneurial climate. Let’s explore each of them in detail.

Alate Partners

Alate Partners is a property development startup that is set on empowering IT entrepreneurs who are rethinking real estate. Founded by John Albright, Alate Partners is reinventing the property development landscape with technology at its core.

GoldShore Resources

GoldShore Resources is a gold development company, specializing in the mining and property development sectors. Backed by a leading management group, this startup is making strides towards revolutionising the precious metals and property development industry.

ONE Development

ONE Development, founded by Jason Ferreira, is a real estate development company that is redefining the construction and property development industry.


Collegium is innovating the construction and property development market with their integrated smart contract, ProcureTech, FinTech platform that is aimed at transforming the construction landscape.


Kadestone is reinventing the field of real estate investment and development. With their innovative approach, Kadestone is making waves in the property development industry.

Groupe Landerz

Founded by Simon G. Boyer, Groupe Landerz is accelerating land acquisition with unique strategies and technologies. It perfectly combines commercial real estate, property development and software to redefine the landscape of real estate investment.


Senara.ai, an endeavour by Reagan Zuzarte, empowers property developers and their listing brokerages to sell with their pre-construction lead-to-close system.


Propulux is offering an end-to-end residential real estate property management and leasing platform, which is a one-of-its-kind solution in the property development and real estate market.


CNTNR, founded by Adam Morris, provides residential and commercial real estate developments and are bringing innovation to the field with their fresh approach and methodologies.

Roehampton Capital

Roehampton Capital specialises in effective use of capital for maximum public impact. They are altering the norm in commercial lending, hedge funds and property development.

Northcrest Developments

Northcrest Developments specialises in planning and developing downsview airport lands, thereby reinvigorating the property development landscape with a novel approach.


The brainchild of Hesam Deihimi and Iman Rahmim, Placemaker creates mixed-use and residential spaces designed to inspire community health and well-being.

Purpose Building

Purpose Building harnesses innovation in constructing healthy, long-life buildings that function in a low-carbon, circular economy. From business development to construction and property development, they are truly revolutionising the sector.


NEXGEN ESTATES, founded by Bilal Shafi, is a forward-thinking company dedicated to building next-generation private communities. They are creating a new paradigm in the property development industry with blockchain technology.

Neatt Communities

Neatt Communities is a residential construction firm that is focused on developing spaces for families to live and flourish in. Their strength lies in creating communities rather than mere buildings, thus transforming the essence of property development.

These groundbreaking startups are setting new standards in the real estate and property development industry. They are not just building structures but carving out industry-changing pathways, powered by their unique visions and innovative approaches. It’s clear that the future of property development is full of promise with these startups leading the charge.

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