Which Canadian Recycling Startups Are Revolutionizing Sustainability in 2023?

In recent years, environmental consciousness and sustainability have become more than just buzzwords. Across sectors, businesses are striving to incorporate green practices into their models, and the recycling industry is leading the charge. Recycling startups, particularly those in Canada, are ingeniously tackling waste management and recycling through innovative solutions and earth-friendly products. Let us dive into the world of these eco-heroes, shedding light on the horizons they are pioneering.

From fashion and building materials to health care and software, Canadian recycling startups are disrupting their fields with groundbreaking strategies. These enterprises are enacting perceptible change, acting on the ethos that every effort, no matter how small, contributes to the larger vision of a more sustainable world. Let’s explore some of the most interesting recycling startups making waves in the Canadian startup scene.

We will delve into the inspirational journeys, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation-driven ethos of these startups – perfect inspiration for anyone venturing into the sustainable entrepreneurship world.

Leze the Label

Leze the Label is a startup that marries e-commerce, fashion, and recycling in an innovative way. Founded by Karen Lee and Tanya Lee, Leze creates sustainable workwear from recycled materials, infusing sustainability into everyday fashion.

PLAEX Building Systems

Co-founded by Dustin Bowers, PLAEX Building Systems is tackling the colossal waste problem in the building industry. By creating advanced building materials, the startup is a testament to the endless possibilities of recycling innovation.

Environmental Material Science

Environmental Material Science (EMS) has dedicated itself to address contamination and environmental management. As an environmental consulting and waste management startup, EMS is committed to sustainable solutions.

Cyclic Materials

Cyclic Materials founded by Ahmad Ghahreman and Patrick Nee, focuses on recovering rare earth elements through its specialized recycling services. Their Cleantech approach is making waves in the industrial recycling landscape.


Focusing on GreenTech, KrownCORP is led by founders Greg Gomes and Jeremie Bourgeois. KrownCORP designs, builds, and operates recycling facilities that successfully convert rubbish into high-value goods.

UnBound Chemicals

UnBound Chemicals has set ambitious goals to lead the world in pharmaceutical ingredient recovery. Co-founded by Blaine Edwards and Hitesh Vaidya, UnBound Chemicals incorporates waste management and recycling into healthcare and manufacturing sectors.

Operation Take Two

Operation Take Two, led by Keneisha Charles, is a social enterprise that is revolutionizing waste management by empowering communities to turn their trash into treasure.

Shifting Shap3s

Shifting Shap3s is a recycling startup that focuses on decentralizing plastic recycling and recovery efforts. Led by founder Ghazaleh Afrahi, Shifting Shap3s uses technology such as 3D printing to implement their innovative solutions.

Quantum Lifecycle Partners

Quantum Lifecycle Partners provides a range of services, from electronics recycling to data solutions. This startup is changing the recycling industry by incorporating ITAD services into their offerings.

Diversys Software

Diversys Software, the brainchild of founder Roger Barlow, offers environmental consulting services through their recycling management software.

HiPoint AG ( EPR ZERO)

EPR ZERO, established by Paul Cross, uses a database to track nutrient waste in efforts for environmental accountability and recycling.

Reusable Bubble Tea Cup

The Reusable Bubble Tea Cup startup targets plastic waste by creating reusable cups for consumers which also serve as fundraising tools for students and retailers.

Canada Brown

Canada Brown designs, manufactures, and delivers eco-friendly packaging solutions. With their recycling approach, they contribute to a greener packaging industry.

VDQ-NRG Systems Inc

VDQ-NRG Systems Inc provides waste reprocessing technology aimed at achieving sustainability in energy and waste management.


ShareWares is a citywide borrowing platform that offers a reusable cup-share program to Vancouver businesses. Their approach to recycling is reducing waste in a practical, user-friendly manner.

Each of these Canadian startups, in its unique way, is showing that sustainability can be a key growth driver in a plethora of industries. As we continue down the path to a more sustainable future, these innovative enterprises offer a template for other businesses to follow. The recycling startups give us hope that through innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, a greener future is indeed within our grasp.

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