Are These the Most Influential Canadian Smart Cities Startups Today?

Canada has become an important hub for technological innovation, particularly in the realm of smart cities. Among these innovators is a cohort of startups shaping the future of urban living and infrastructure through unique approaches and solutions. This article explores some of the most interesting smart cities startups based in Canada – companies employing AI, IoT, machine learning, and other advanced technologies to transform urban environments into intelligent, efficient, and environmentally friendly spaces.

When we talk about smart cities, we refer to urban areas that use different types of electronic methods and sensors to collect data, with insights gained from that data used to manage assets, resources, and services efficiently. This includes monitoring and managing traffic and transportation systems, power plants, water supply networks, waste, crime detection, information systems, schools, libraries, and other community services. As urban populations grow, smart cities technologies are becoming increasingly crucial to ensuring a high quality of life for city dwellers.

Here are 15 pioneering Canadian startups elevating the smart cities concept, each contributing to a future where technology and urban life intertwine to give rise to greener, more efficient, and more convenient cities.

Hop In Technologies

Hop In Technologies co-founded by Boyd Reid and Erich Ko, provides transportation logistics software, formulating it to enable and enhance sustainable economic development. At the crossroads of logistics, the Internet of Things, smart cities, and SaaS, they’re reshaping the transportation industry to be more efficient and sustainable.

IRIS R&D Group Inc.

Co-founded by David Keaney and Emil Sylvester Ramos, IRIS R&D Group Inc. offers AI-enabled pavement assessments, right-of-way data collection, regulatory compliance, and video analytics, operating in the exciting nexus of AI, Geospatial technology, and smart cities.


Storeo, a startup launched by Vijaya Jeyakumar, aims to empower urban dwellers to create space in their homes, innovating in the real estate, rental, and smart cities sectors.


Swae is an AI platform for decision-making and idea meritocracy. Co-founded by Kent Langley and Soushiant Zanganehpour, Swae resides at the intersection of AI, CivicTech, and smart cities, addressing long-standing organiasational challenges with a high-tech touch.

Intelense Inc

Co-founded by Dinesh Prasanna Arivalagan and Sailesh Sasidharan, Intelense Inc furnishes a SAAS based AI platform for IoT devices, including anomaly detection and analytics for devices such as cameras and sensors.


ICAREUM utilises 3D cloud gaming technology to assist real estate developers in selling property online. This startup was founded by Dan Merriam and Danila Solovov.


Jrop enhances the efficiency of ride-sharing and AV shuttle providers by mapping staging areas. At the helm of this startup is Syed Saad Hasan.


extrAbility brings smart mini-stores to various locations in the city, innovating in the fields of hardware, retail technology, and smart cities.

AI Shading

AI Shading, launched by Zack Zhang, employs AI & IOT enabled technologies to lessen the environmental footprint from homes and buildings.

Sensor Cortek

Helmed by Robert Laganiere, Sensor Cortek crafts embedded AI solutions for the vehicle of the future.


BusPas develops and offers an AI-powered smart mobility platform that specializes in maintaining and operating smart bus stops.

ANTLER Technologies & Start-Up Studio Corp

Co-founded by Atabak Zoroufchi, Edward Gharibian and Mehdi (Marc) Pahlavan, ANTLER Technologies & Start-Up Studio Corp is an R&D Start-Up and Venture Studio pushing the boundaries in various industries.


Dwellcome cofounded by Tom Pischel, operates as an onboarding platform for new residents, matching them to amenities that fit their lifestyle needs.

Ecosystem Informatics

Ecosystem Informatics led by Shirook Ali, combines IT with smart cities, carbon management, health & safety solutions for environmental improvement.


U-Bicycle, headed by Ian Yu, focuses on MaaS and smart-city solutions, aiming to revolutionise last-mile transportation through their mobile app.

Through these innovative startups, Canada continues to push the boundaries of smart city technology. Their pioneering solutions and ideas give us a glimpse of the future, in which urban life is seamlessly intertwined with efficient and sustainable technologies.

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