Who are Edmonton’s Most Influential E-Commerce Startups in 2023?

The beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta, isn’t just known for its art and culture scene, oil sands, and the Northern Lights. It has also quickly become a hub for innovative and exciting start-ups. In fact, this Canadian metropolis is housing a plethora of e-commerce start-ups that are growing and thriving as the digital world unfolds. A remarkable trend in the city’s start-up ecosystem is the rise of e-commerce companies, catering to diverse sectors, from consumer goods logistics to fashion and automotive. In this article, we will dive deep into 15 of these dynamic e-commerce companies and learn more about their offerings, industries, and founders.

The surge in e-commerce start-ups in Edmonton can be attributed to its strong entrepreneurial spirit, supportive business environment, and an increasingly digitalized population. Companies offering unique ideas and utilizing cutting-edge technologies to improve the customer’s online shopping experience are making waves. Whether it’s a peer-to-peer shipping service or an online marketplace for Pokémon cards, the diversity of services these companies offer is truly fascinating. Let’s decode the inflection, game changers in the e-commerce ecosystem.

These unconventional businesses are not only contributing to the local economy, they’re also paving the way for similar breakthrough ventures. They’re part of a forceful wave of innovation and creativity. Regardless of the industry, they’re in, these organizations are making a dramatic impact — allowing people to source products globally, find essential services, or buy their favorite products without leaving their homes. Below are 15 of these e-commerce start-ups making their mark in Edmonton.

Fly and Fetch

Fly and Fetch is an online peer-to-peer shipping marketplace revolutionizing the goods and logistics industry. They are committed to offering a convenient and innovative shipping solution to their customers.


Co-founder Dominique Beaupre has built Aliud, a bleeding-edge SaaS service connecting independent sellers and buyers for personal commerce through its dynamic social-ecommerce services.


Founders Erika Conyette and Renée Conyette started E-Artistry which offers a range of handcrafted magnets, pressed tin magnetic boards, cards, stationery, art & gifts. The firm has successfully married creative arts with e-commerce.

ChicBear Boutique

With the vision of founder Charlee Letendre, ChicBear Boutique has set up an enticing online presence in the fashion industry. This e-commerce boutique and clothing line offers both style and convenience.

JN Cards

JN Cards, founded by Jason Neitsch, is a large online marketplace for buying and selling Pokémon cards and codes, adding a touch of gamification to the e-commerce landscape.


Idyaflow is a SaaS-based marketplace platform providing peer-to-peer marketplace. They are enabling businesses to connect with targeted clientele faster and more efficiently.


Sandro Torrieri’s Carbeeza is an online platform that is changing the automotive industry by connecting consumers and dealers for a fully informed interaction.

Commerce Owl

Commerce Owl provides an online platform for food companies to publish their food-related content, setting a benchmark on how food content should be shared and consumed.


ShoutCMS is a revolutionary platform for website and eCommerce development that’s enhancing customer’s online experience with an easy-to-use interface.


Founded by Ahmed Attia, ZPROXIMA offers international business consulting and partners with digital and FinTech world experts, setting a new standard in the information technology industry.

Mast Hair

Mast Hair is an online barbershop that also sells men’s grooming products. They have effectively integrated service and retail in their business model.

Tire Needs On Wheels

Founded by Joshua Littlejohn, Tire Needs On Wheels is changing how consumers buy and install tires with its online platform, offering unparalleled tire service and support at your fingertips.

Moovler Inc.

Moovler Inc. offers affordable small moves and furniture delivery online. It is making the furniture delivery process more accessible and convenient for Edmonton residents.

How-To Create Art

Shawn Mackey’s How-To Create Art is a unique art supply product reviews and art tutorials platform, making art creation simple and accessible for everyone.


YBuy has emerged as a significant player in the online marketplace arena. The e-commerce platform is making shopping easier and efficient for its users.

The e-commerce ecosystem in Edmonton is thriving and continues to breed innovation, changing the face of business and commerce while offering consumers an enticing array of services and products. Given the speed at which these start-ups are growing, we can only expect the e-commerce landscape in Edmonton to flourish even further.

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