Which Toronto-based Advice Startups Are Reshaping Canada’s Business Landscape in 2023?

Startups all over the world are sprouting and growing at a rapid pace. This trend is particularly evident in the bustling city of Toronto, Ontario – the fourth most populous city in North America. Home to an inspiring mix of ambitious entrepreneurs and innovative minds, Toronto boasts a thriving startup scene, showcased by an exciting array of companies offering unique and invaluable services. One such area experiencing growth is the Advice sector. From financial advisory, consulting, to various professional services, Advice startups in Toronto enhance business functions in various sectors. Let’s take a look at 15 interesting Advice startups based in Toronto, their offerings, and their potential impacts on industries.

73 Strings

Founded by Abhishek Pandey, Sambeet Parija, and Vinod Vijapur, 73 Strings is an advice startup offering financial advisory services. Using artificial intelligence and technology solutions, the firm stands at the intersection of Advice, Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services, and Information Technology industries. Their use of technology differentiates them from traditional financial advisory firms, providing a unique edge for clients.


Bloom specialises in life coaching programs for adults. Their comprehensive approach encompasses Advice, Communities, and Consulting industries. They provide life plans to help individuals achieve personal growth and success.

Esg Global Advisors

Esg Global Advisors is a financial and investment consulting company offering advice across the Consulting, Finance, and Financial Services industries. Their expertise ensures clients make informed and advantageous financial decisions.

Emerge Canada

Emerge Canada provides mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, Biotech ETF, fintech investments, and investment management services. Their variety of financial offerings make them a major player in the Advice, Financial Services, and FinTech sectors.


Teamland offers various team-building activities for corporate retreats, offsite meetings, and holiday parties. They stand strong in the Advice and Professional Services industries.

Agora Dealer Services

Founded by Jeff Thorsteinson, Agora Dealer Services provides advice, wealth management, and trade practice management services. They cover multiple facets of the Advice, Financial Services, and Wealth Management sectors.

Gryphon Advisors

Gryphon Advisors is a compensation consulting firm that specialises in contested meetings and annual general meetings, providing invaluable advice and consultation.

Ravenstone Capital Management

Ravenstone Capital Management is a boutique investment management and advisory firm, tailored for clients seeking a more intimate and personalised service.

Nexoa CPA

Nexoa CPA offers an array of services such as accounting, bookkeeping, mitigation, tax structuring, and planning that cater to a variety of industries.

Amuka Capital

Founded by Aaron Meckler and Ben Feferman, Amuka Capital provides investment consultation and merchant banking services, serving multiple facets of the banking industry.


Founded by Preet Banerjee, MoneyGaps operates a digital advisory platform. It aids financial advisors by transforming leads, analysing clients, and generating recommendations, providing a 360-degree view for financial advisors.

Ramachandran Law

Ramachandran Law offers legal advice and advisory services, ensuring clients get the most informed and beneficial legal advice.

Think Perfect

Think Perfect provides digital solutions enabling businesses to access self-service business process automation, a valuable resource for all types and sizes of businesses.

King Global Ventures

King Global Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in the gold exploration industry and other projects. They provide an array of financial advice and services for startups and established entities alike.

Impact Anything

Impact Anything aims to ignite personal legacy and impact individuals in order to affect others positively. This unique startup concept blends areas of Advice, Consulting, Education, and Professional Services.

In conclusion, the Toronto startup scene is a vibrant hub of innovative thinkers, risk-takers, and problem solvers. The diverse range of advice startups showcased display the broad applicability of the advice industry, and their influence across various sectors is testament to the value of these services. From financial advisory to personal coaching, these startups are greatly contributing to Toronto’s thriving business ecosystem.

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