Who Are the Most Influential Bitcoin Startups in Toronto Today?

As an international hub for tech startups, Toronto, Ontario, Canada is home to many innovative Bitcoin businesses. From developing trading platforms to designing educational courses, a range of startups are shaping how Bitcoin is used, understood, and accessed. Here are 15 startups that are pushing the boundary and leading innovation in Bitcoin and beyond, based right within Toronto.

These startups exemplify the city’s robust and thriving tech scene. Toronto is not just about world-class dining, multiculturalism, and the Toronto Raptors! It’s also an incubator for cutting-edge technology businesses, particularly in the Bitcoin field. Without further ado, let’s put a spotlight on the movers and the shakers, the disruptors and the innovators shaping Toronto’s Bitcoin scene.

One exciting feature of the Bitcoin startups in Toronto is the diversity. Whether they are providing unique solutions, trading platforms, educational resources, or new ways to make digital payments, these startups reflect a dynamic ecosystem where creative, compelling initiatives are rewarded with growth and success.


Founded by Dustin Walper, Erynn Saunders, and Tyson Leslie, Newton.co is a Bitcoin and Ethereum trading platform accessible via iPhone, Android, or web apps. Instant and accessible from almost anywhere, Newton.co is breaking down barriers to cryptocurrency trading.


Jared Nusinoff’s startup, Mash, provides an innovative platform to monetize digital experiences and content radically. Bringing together Bitcoin, content, digital entertainment, payments and software, Mash offers a cross-industry solution like no other.


Balance, developed by Baha Nurlybayev and George Bordianu, is dedicated to providing a reliable method for managing, trading, and holding digital assets, making it a safe haven in the often stormy seas of cryptocurrency.


A specialized platform solely for Bitcoin, Satstreet simplifies cryptocurrency trading. Founders Jonathan Lister and Michael Nasser have designed Satstreet with the end-user in mind.


At Alkemi, Aristotle Andrulakis, Ben Cooper, and Brian Mahoney are working towards a solution that rewards collaboration among stakeholders in the Bitcoin scene, hence squaring an age-old circle in business and investment.


Founded by Adebayo Alonge, Dr. Win Min Oo, and Sabrina Zhou, Storspay
provides a solution for receiving and sending in-store payments in either fiat or crypto, connecting physical markets with digital currencies.


Atomic.Finance is an online trading platform for Bitcoin founded by entrepreneurs Matthew Black and Tony Cai. It merges the worlds of Bitcoin and information technology.


Desentra is a one-of-a-kind crypto education platform. Founded by Roman Vassilenko, the business offers bite-sized courses (all under 15 minutes) based on knowledge level. This accessible format makes it easier than ever to understand Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency at large.


As a Bitcoin-only NFC payments company, TapSats pushes the envelope of financial services and cryptocurrency. Their innovative payment method offers a novel solution for dealing with Bitcoin on a daily basis.

Fabriik Markets

Committed to providing smart FinTech solutions in the digital asset market, Fabriik Markets provides users with a reliable platform to make their Bitcoin-related transactions and investments faster and smarter.

Piggy Capital

Piggy Capital, a registered money service business, allows both individuals and businesses to convert Bitcoin into reserve currency efficiently and securely.

Global X Change

At Global X Change, founded by Shorupan Pirakaspathy, they’ve built the world’s first Exchange Operating System (ExchangeOS), a game-changing innovation in financial technology and cryptocurrency.

Dial Crypto

Co-founded by Brianna MacNeil and Patrick Guay, Dial Crypto is a USSD-enabled cryptocurrency wallet that works on both smartphones and feature phones, bridging the gap between different mobile technology users.

Arxnovum Investments

Focused on reducing the risk associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, Arxnovum Investments employs a unique approach that seeks to ensure that investments in digital currencies are as secure as possible.


Rameez Haq’s start-up Skipti offers a creative approach to navigating the Bitcoin field, providing its customers with an essential strategic advantage in trading and acquiring Bitcoin.

All in all, these startups are shaping the future of Bitcoin, not just in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but in the world. Let’s continue to keep an eye on how they drive innovation in the ever-evolving world of Bitcoin and crypto technologies.

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