Which Toronto Startups are Transforming Business Intelligence in 2023?

Welcome to the vibrant arena of Business Intelligence startups in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In this diverse and constantly evolving field, a promising batch of startups is continually emerging, housing ingenious minds and forward-thinking missions. At the heart of it all, these organizations seek to revolutionize the realm of business intelligence by leveraging data and modern technology in their unique ways.

From software platforms that simplify user interaction to innovative data integration solutions, these companies are proving how business intelligence can forever change the way companies operate, make decisions, and engage with their customers. We invite you to learn more about these fifteen Toronto-based startups, their founders, and their extraordinary contributions to the business intelligence landscape.

Explore their compelling missions, their expertise, and how they’re making strides in their industries. Each startup is shaping the future of business with their distinctive solutions, providing essential tools to businesses and communities all over.

Proof Zero

Proof Zero was co-founded by Adrian Maurer and Alexander Flanagan. It specializes in connecting data with confidence, simplifying its complexity and turning it into an opportunity. The organization works within multiple industries, such as Big Data, Business Intelligence, Compliance, Cyber Security, Fraud Detection, Identity Management, Internet, and Software.


Founded by Adam McAskill and Sean Hughes, Evidence strides in the industry as an open-source code-based business intelligence tool. Its niche involves Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Information Technology, and Software.

DGT Network

DGT Network, founded by Alexander Khvatov, Ksenia I., and Valery Khvatov, is a Web3 hybrid network empowering enterprises to build open ecosystems while maintaining full governance and control. Its industry coverage is vast, encompassing Blockchain, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Enterprise Software, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, Internet, and Transaction Processing.


Co-founded by Carlos Secada and Joel Moreno, Zagitas offers Digital Robots that automate mundane tasks. Its focus areas include Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Marketing Automation, and Sales Automation.

The Happenin Company

The Happenin Company, founded by Arjun Mali, Bin Liu, and Charles Plant, digitizes and simplifies Group Bookings for Social Occasions & Experiences. It operates in the field of Big Data, Business Intelligence, Events, Internet, Leisure, and Mobile Apps.


Pulsee, founded by Roomi Khurshid, specializes in Business Intelligence, NFC Cars & Jewellery. The startup operates in Business Intelligence, Internet, and Software sectors.

Atlys Networks

Atlys Networks is a mobile application platform founded by Amir Noorafkan. It operates within the Business Intelligence, Data Storage, Database, Information Services, Mobile, Mobile Apps, and Service Industry sectors.

Emergence Labs

Emergence Labs is a software development firm that offers technology & customer lifecycle consulting services. It operates within the Business Intelligence, Consulting, Software, and Technical Support industries.


Shiftproxy is a pioneer in the market-leading public data collection and web scraping solution. Its industry niches include Business Intelligence, Information Technology, Software, and Web Hosting.

Acies Ai

Acies Ai, founded by Jonathan Keebler, provides turn-key BI tools for the payment industry, operating in the Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Computer, Finance, FinTech, and Software spaces.


Branchfy, founded by Marco Andrade, specializes in Business networking, Contact management, and Enterprise software. It aligns with the Business Intelligence, Enterprise Applications, Professional Networking, SaaS, and Software industries.


Leadbright, helmed by founder Martin Borowski, is an AI platform for website demand generation and revenue growth. The startup has various focuses, including Artificial Intelligence, B2B, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Lead Generation, Machine Learning, Marketing, SaaS, and Software.

Unisights Research and Analytics

Founder Smita DS’s Unisights Research and Analytics is an end-to-end insights company. Its specializations stretch into Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Consumer Research, Data Visualization, Information Services, Market Research, Predictive Analytics, and Product Research.


BusinessCobra, founded by Ha Na., is a blog dedicated to high-quality business-related topics. It covers the Business Development, Business Intelligence, Local Business, and Small and Medium Businesses sectors.

Tegzia Analytics

Tegzia Analytics, led by founder Hassaan Bukhari, provides a data socializing platform used by individuals and enterprises to curate, publish, and share analytics and insights. It operates in the Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, and Data Visualization industries.

These startups showcase the richness and diversity of the Business Intelligence field within Toronto and bring about a promise for a brighter, data-driven future for companies worldwide. Each one contributes and propels the industry in their unique way, proving just how impactful the world of startups can become.

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