Who Are Toronto’s Most Influential Commercial Real Estate Startups in 2023?

The Commercial Real Estate (CRE) landscape in Canada, particularly in the bustling city of Toronto, is saturated with innovation. From cutting-edge PropTech (Property Technology) startups to companies building data networks for real estate investors, there is a hive of activity that is reshaping the way we think about and interact with the tangible world of property. This flurry of creativity and innovation is driven by a constellation of trailblazing companies on a mission to usher the age-old Real Estate industry into a future that is decidedly more digital, efficient, and sustainable.

Amid this sea of forward-thinking enterprises, some have managed to stand out, thanks to their unique value propositions, transformative technologies, and highly ambitious founders who are leveraging their industry acumen to move mountains in the Real Estate space. The dynamic growth of these startups has not just stimulated Toronto’s Real Estate scene, but they also occupy a commanding presence in the global stage, heralding a new era of technological innovation in the Real Estate world.

In this feature, we are aiming to shine a spotlight onto each of these standout companies, their innovative solutions, the sectors within Real Estate in which they operate, and the visionary founders behind them:

Essential Real Estate Partners

Essential Real Estate Partners is an asset management firm that manages private partnerships within Canada’s Real Estate sector. Founders Dan Merriam and Sandy Mackay boast a wealth of expertise and network within the industry, enabling them to identify lucrative Real Estate opportunities and put together investment vehicles that can capitalize on these market inefficiencies.


HILO, a unique SaaS platform that empowers building operators to enhance revenues, streamline operations, and attract tenants. The company is the brainchild of co-founders David Abrams, Kirk Stephens, and Oz Solomon.


Arextech is a technology firm that develops software to help Real Estate investors harness the power of data network effects. The company was founded by Miguel Alvarez de Linera Alperi and Pablo Garnica.

SuiteSpot Technology

At the nexus of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Real Estate, you will find SuiteSpot Technology. Headed by founder Elik Jaeger, the company’s core offering revolves around SaaS, proprietary AI, Property Management, and operation and maintenance solutions for properties.

R-LABS Canada

R-LABS Canada, founded by the visionary George Carras, is dedicated to building innovative companies that tackle major problems in Real Estate, particularly in the areas of commercial Real Estate, construction, and Real Estate investment.


U-Rite, founded by Blair Halenda and Stephen Paek, provides a unique SaaS Commercial Real Estate Underwriting and Valuation Platform that has positioned the company at the forefront of Real Estate finance.

Peakhill Capital

Peakhill Capital’s services encompass commercial mortgages and finance. The company was founded by the knowledgeable Harley Gold.


GoParkr is an innovative full-stack parking management solution developed by founders Alex Ren, Bruce Xia, and Frank Jing. It enables asset managers to optimize parking operations effectively.

Goldbar The Nathan Team

Operating in the residential and commercial Real Estate service industry, Goldbar The Nathan Team brings a fresh perspective and approach to traditional property management.

Northcrest Developments

Property development company Northcrest Developments specialize in planning and developing lands around Downsview airport, making them a standout in the Commercial Real Estate sector.

DH76 Capital Partners

Enabling innovative funding solutions for all types of commercial real estate, DH76 Capital Partners led by founder Josh Adman is geared towards tactical strategy and finance in Commercial Real Estate.


Commercial Real Estate Listing Platform Spacie is the brainchild of founder Maxim Andreev, which tackles the need for streamlined and user-friendly property listings.

EQ Offices

EQ Offices, founded by Yasmin Alam, offers a new breed of serviced offices that are redefining the coworking space.


As an agent-free Buyer-Seller digital platform, Tieet is revolutionizing how transactions take place in the Commercial Real Estate industry.

Empirical Capital

Providing commercial real estate and land financing services, Empirical Capital is playing a key role in the Financial Services and Lending arenas of the Real Estate industry.

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