Who Are Nova Scotia’s Top Consulting Startups Shaping Canadian Business?

CanadaVenture.news, a premier source for startup stories and insights, brings to you a selection of some of the most intriguing startups based in Nova Scotia, Canada. These startups are redefining business and innovation landscapes, each in their unique way. They span across various industries such as Consulting, Health Care, Environmental Consulting, and Information Technology, broadening the horizons of Canadian entrepreneurship and the innovative spirit that drives these establishments.

The emerging startup scene in Nova Scotia presents a dynamic mix of ventures that are not only making an impact domestically but are gaining recognition on global stages as well. These firms are pushing boundaries, developing modern solutions, and reinventing business practices in their industries.

This article maps the entrepreneurial landscape of Nova Scotia, shining a spotlight on 15 startups that are shaping the future of business in this Atlantic province. Let’s take a closer look!


With an innovative green network leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology, MeridianDLT is making strides in the Consulting and Information Technology sectors. The startup, helmed by Ethan Gilmore, IAN GILMOUR, and Matthew Pickup, aspires to redefine the technology landscape with its ingenious solutions.

Cultivated Eco Systems

Cultivated Eco Systems, founded by Angela VanKessel, lends its vision and innovation to homeowners and farm-based businesses, equipping them to care for their soil with an ecosystem of beneficial organisms. Their approach to Environmental Consulting is a testament to their commitment to the sustainability of our planet.

Leap Biosystems

Leap Biosystems, founded by Adam Sirek, Allyson Hindle, and Jesse Zroback, lends its prowess in the fields of Consulting, Health Care, and Medical sectors, offering path-breaking space medicine technology and consultancy services. You can learn more about their innovative work on their website.


With its unique approach to Environmental Consulting, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, and Waste Management, Recircle aims to convert plastic waste into a raw material that can be used towards manufacturing everyday items, thereby endeavoring to close the waste loop.

Paul Abraham Imigration Consulting

Paul Abraham Immigration Consulting is a stellar immigration company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Founded by Paul Abraham, the firm is making strides in the Consulting industry, assisting individuals with their immigration needs.

Ocean Tides Counselling & Therapy

Ocean Tides Counselling & Therapy is making a significant impact on mental wellness by providing mental health services to individuals and couples. Its innovative interventions in the health care sector exemplify the role startups are playing in advancing healthcare.

Teycro Digital

Teycro Digital, a digital marketing company, offers a wide array of services that include web design, graphic design, branding, market research, and consulting services.


The exceptional work of Blackotter in digital marketing, web development, email marketing, and omnichannel marketing services is helping businesses transform their online presence.

Virtual Hallway

Virtual Hallway specializes in telemedicine and phone consults, their dedication in the Healthcare sector is boosting medical assistance and wellness.

Big Boy Auto

Pointing towards an innovative direction in the Automotive industry, Big Boy Auto is providing comprehensive automotive services.

MLR Virtual Solutions

MLR Virtual Solutions, a promising startup, provides efficient services in Dubsado and email marketing, catering to diverse business requirements.


Delivering exciting innovations in the Consulting, Information Technology, Internet and Software industries, ImmiList simplifies the immigration process with their digitally driven solutions.

Amy Mackenzie Counselling and Art Therapy Services

Amy Mackenzie Counselling and Art Therapy Services offers counselling and art therapy services for individuals and couples, reflecting the importance of creative interventions in mental health care.

Energy for Transformation

Energy for Transformation is a tapping and transformational coaching company, making a significant mark in the fields of Consulting, Energy, and Wellness.

Quigg Counselling & Therapy Services

One can’t overlook Quigg Counselling & Therapy Services while talking about startups making a difference in healthcare. This company is dedicated to providing mental health counselling to adults, couples and families, thereby significantly contributing to personal health.

These startups represent the face of innovation in Nova Scotia, continually redefining business norms, reshaping industries, and contributing to the enrichment of the community and the province. Let’s anticipate the remarkable milestones they are yet to achieve in their journey.

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