Who Are Toronto’s Leading Professional Services Startups in 2023?

Startups provide the lifeline of innovation in the business world. They combine new ideas, unique strategies, and advanced technologies to fill market gaps or create new markets entirely. As the home to some of the most innovative startups in North America, Toronto has shown a special flair for producing companies that are revolutionizing the world of professional services. This article showcases 15 professional services startups that are breaking barriers and setting new trends in various industries.

While these businesses span an array of sectors including financial services, artificial intelligence, human resources, and more, they all share a common theme of harnessing cutting edge technology and innovative business models to redefine the face of professional services. Despite their varying industries, all these startups are homespun in Toronto and could emerge as global game-changers in the near future.

The aim of this feature is to introduce these startups to you – to share their stories, their missions, and the people behind them. So whether you’re an investor, another startup looking for inspiration, or merely an enthusiast looking to stay updated about the latest in Canada’s bustling startup scene, read on.

My Forex Funds

Meet My Forex Funds, a venture founded by Anurag Jaiswal that is reshaping the financial services industry. My Forex Funds is a funding program aimed at helping traders trade, earn bonuses and profit splits, offering a fresh approach within the trading platform industry.


Kaitongo, founded by Sumathi Pundit, is an AI-powered data and insights platform revolutionizing the sales and software sectors. Their unique differentiator lies in their extracted insights that suggest the use of content, which they seamlessly combine with top-class professional services.

Goat Cyber Space Inc

Srishty Dhawan’s brainchild, Goat Cyber Space Inc, is taking leaps in the realm of IT software services & solutions. Combining information technology with exceptional professional services, Goat Cyber Space Inc is changing the way businesses operate.


In the FinTech sector, Sam Wong’s Previance is a pioneering financial crimes compliance advisory and automation firm. They are aiding businesses to manage risk through the embrace of digital transformation, a crucial feat in today’s digital age.


InWork360 is a gem in the recruiting sector, linking job seekers and employers effortlessly. Their service industry offerings and professional services are making waves and offering unique solutions for the talent acquisition industry.


Roger Grekos’ BrainStormers is serving startups with development and strategic consultation. Their multifaceted approach that combines business development, consulting, and legal aspects, is helping startups navigate the complex and exciting VC world.


Backers provides security token Launchpad and business support services, offering a comprehensive suite of professional services in the finance, marketing, and web development industry.

Equality Street

On Equality Street, the brainchild of Rob McTavish, you’ll find a Salesforce professionals focused recruiting firm. This startup is transforming HR services by ensuring the perfect match for Salesforce professionals and employers.


Teamland is pioneering the realm of virtual, hybrid, and in-person team-building activities, providing professionally designed retreats, offsite trips and holiday festivities for companies looking to bolster team spirit and employee morale.


Ace is an AI-empowered interview preparation platform dedicated to helping users instill confidence during job interviews. By combining artificial intelligence and educational principles, Ace is redefining the job preparation process.


Reflectivity is modernizing the document management sector by providing quick, efficient, and reliable document review and support services.


Co-Founders Arash Mansouri and Siamak Vaezpour’s Press’nXPress collects customer and employee feedback and provides insights in real-time, serving as a valuable asset in the analytics, consumer, and professional services arenas.


iAmigo.net, the brainchild of Yogesh Soni, is revolutionizing E-commerce, SaaS, and Social Commerce with their tech-enabled platform blending the lines of E-commerce and professional services.


WorkOptima shines in the IT sector, offering creative business process automation and work management software solutions.


Finally, Procuremint is refreshing the financial services industry. It has devised a unique way for subscription box owners and other consumers to access, discover, and gather brands and products.

In summary, these 15 startups demonstrate the varied and vibrant business landscape in Toronto – a scene that is reshaping traditional models, breaking new ground, and showcasing Canadian innovation at its best. We believe that these exciting companies are ones to watch, as they redefine the face of professional services and set new standards for the rest of the world.

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