Which Quebec-Based AI Startups are Influencing Canada’s Technology Landscape?

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming the business and economic landscape around the globe, and Quebec, Canada is no exception. Known for its thriving tech scene, Quebec is home to a myriad of fascinating AI startups that are leading the charge into tomorrow’s technology. From industries such as healthcare to finance, and from gaming to agriculture, these AI startups are not only proof of Quebec’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit but also a testament to the wide-ranging potential of AI technologies. Here are fifteen fascinating AI startups based in Quebec, Quebec, Canada.


Botpress is an AI startup on a mission of “making machines understand humans.” Focused on the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Computer, Natural Language Processing, Software, and Virtual Assistant, Botpress was founded by Sylvain Perron. This startup is breaking grounds in the domain of AI and helping make devices more intuitive and interactive.

Extend AI

Extend AI, led by Carl Chouinard, is a promising spacetime AI platform. It offers services in Artificial Intelligence and software, leveraging AI’s potential to transform countless industries and applications.


With a focus on preventive healthcare, Biotwin has set out to change the face of healthcare via Artificial Intelligence. Launched by LP Noel, Biotwin provides AI-driven healthcare platforms that can significantly enhance diagnostics and treatment regimens.


Fusing the power of AI with finance, DecisioningIT offers a SaaS automated decisioning platform. The brainchild of Andre-Martin Hobbs and Rosa Hoffmann, it uses AI to match various financial institutions’ credit parameters to consumers, providing a much-needed boost to financial services.

Neuro Solutions Group

Neuro Solutions Group, launched by Annie Martineau, leverages AI to serve kids with ADHD and/or Autism using gaming. Their platform offers optimized personalized digital therapy and medication tracking.

Videns Analytics

With its broad specialization in Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Engineering, and Information Technology, Videns Analytics is creating and deploying value-creating AI solutions that are changing the face of multiple industries.

Neuro Digital

Neuro Digital, a startup co-piloted by Philippe Bergeron, is a data centre operator emphasizing GPU mining, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and AI solutions. With its focus on Disrupting the Blockchain and Virtual Reality industry, it’s truly a one-of-a-kind startup in Quebec’s AI scene.

SmartPlant AI

Launched by Assa Jean Ulrich Le Rocher, SmartPlant AI merges AI and Machine Learning with agriculture. They provide tools for plant analysis, prevention for farmers, and even extend support for access to loans.


Quasis offers comprehensive AI services including advanced cloud and AI infrastructure design as well as full-cycle web and mobile app development. In an era focusing on digital transformation, this startup is at the forefront, bringing AI to the masses.

Hectiq AI

Hectiq AI stands out by developing data-driven AI technology using deep learning and machine learning algorithms. With AI’s innately transformative nature, this startup is poised to drive substantial change across multiple industry landscapes.


Providing services in Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Consulting, Intelligent Systems, Machine Learning, and more, Neuraxio is championing the AI spectrum. Founded by Guillaume Chevalier, its holistic approach to AI makes it a top player in Quebec’s AI scene.


SmartyfAI is cementing its place in the AI consulting sector by providing integrated AI solutions, including machine learning, robotics, and data science services. In a market hungry for AI-driven solutions, SmartyfAI strives to fill the gap.

Clean Nature

Breathing life into the dream of a sustainable world, Clean Nature leverages AI to tackle global warming and changes in hydrological regimes. This eco-conscious AI startup offers innovative climate-responsive solutions.

Leap Conseil

Leap Conseil is changing the AI consulting game with its strategic positioning, data analysis, custom training, and AI engineering solutions. Poised to lead AI knowledge transformation, Leap Conseil holds promise and potential.

Konntek Inc

Konntek Inc specializes in developing powerful, yet highly intuitive, cost-effective AI video surveillance products. In a world increasingly concerned with security, Konntek Inc’s innovative AI solutions offer a promise of a safer society.

The AI startups from Quebec are stretching the boundaries of what’s possible, paving the way for a more technologically advanced and innovative future. As they continue to make strides in various industries with AI at the helm, they underline the transformative power of tech in Quebec and beyond.

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