Who Are Quebec’s Most Influential Software Startups in 2023?

Quebec, the capital of the province of Quebec, Canada, is an expanding hub for software startups. These companies are a testament to the diversity and rapid evolution of Quebec’s digital economy. They’re shaking up traditional industries with innovative Software, AI, and cybersecurity products. In recognition of this growing trend, we’ve compiled a list of 15 of the most distinguished software startups in Quebec.

These startups are blazing a trail in their respective industries, offering novel solutions to age-old problems. They span a range of sectors, from internet connectivity to artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Their innovative spirit is a testament to the thriving startup culture in this vibrant Canadian region.

The following listing provides brief introductions to these companies, highlighting their contributions to Quebec’s booming tech landscape. For more in-depth information, please explore the links to their respective websites.


Founded by Francis Careau and Marc-André Campagna, Oxio is a pioneering connectivity platform for the internet. Their innovative product challenges the way people connect with their internet service provider (ISP), revolutionizing the Internet, Software, and Telecommunications industry.


Botpress creates advanced technology that allows machines to understand humans, simplifying communication. This startup, spearheaded by Sylvain Perron, is a crown jewel of the Artificial Intelligence, Computer, Natural Language Processing, Software, and Virtual Assistant sectors.


Qohash, founded by Dany Grimard and Jean Le Bouthillier, specializes in finding, tracking, and safeguarding the world’s most sensitive data. This compliance, cybersecurity, enterprise software, and security firm stands as a testament to Quebec’s digital prowess.


Boostsecurity.io is a computer software company dedicated to assisting developers in discovering cybersecurity-related issues. Their innovative solutions have made them key players in the Cyber Security, Security, and Software industries.

Extend AI

Founded by Carl Chouinard, Extend AI pioneers space-time AI platforms. It’s carving a niche for itself in the cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Software sectors.


Biotwin, founded by LP Noel, is an AI-driven preventive healthcare platform, which has been making remarkable advancements in the Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, and Software industries.


DecisioningIT, founded by Andre-Martin Hobbs and Rosa Hoffmann, has developed an automated decisioning platform that uses AI to match various institutions’ credit parameters to consumers. This startup is making a big impact in the Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Finance, Financial Services, Fintech, Machine Learning, SaaS, and Software sectors.

SmartPlant AI

Founded by ASSA JEAN ULRICH LE ROCHER, SmartPlant AI uses AI and machine learning to assist farmers and facilitate plant analysis and prevention. This innovative startup is making waves in the AgTech, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Software industries.

Hectiq AI

Hectiq AI delivers data-driven AI technology and solutions using deep learning and machine learning algorithms to businesses across a range of industries – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Software Engineering.


A leading player in the Apps, Project Management, and Software sectors, TraceNet provides next-generation project management solutions for secure transport monitoring and compliant disposal of materials.


Normex offers a cloud-based food safety and traceability software solution that aids in maintaining food safety and quality. This startup has impressive contributions in the Information Services, Information Technology, and Software industries.


Founded by Guillaume Chevalier, Neuraxio specializes in deep learning and machine learning applications. With its solutions, this startup is influencing the Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Consulting, Intelligent Systems, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analytics, Productivity Tools, Software, and Software Engineering sectors.


Domely has developed a comprehensive roof management system with embedded software for preventive roof monitoring and maintenance applications. It’s making its mark in the Building Maintenance, Embedded Software, Information Technology, and Intelligent Systems sectors.


Eugeniuses is an IT, mobile, web and responsive app developer with a multitude of services in Apps, Consulting, Information Services, Information Technology, Internet, Marketing, Software, and Web Design.

Botni Vision

Botni Vision is at the forefront of computer vision technology. This startup focuses on creating accessible applications that democratize computer vision and cloud computing. They’re actively contributing to the Information Services, Information Technology, and Software industries.

In conclusion, these startups represent a cross-section of the burgeoning software scene in Quebec. CanadaVenture.news is proud to celebrate these companies that are putting Quebec on the global tech stage. With their fresh ideas and dynamic solutions, there is no telling what the future holds for these entrepreneurs and their innovative startups.

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