Who Are Ontario’s Most Influential AgTech Startups Transforming Agriculture in 2023?

With the global population expected to increase to nearly 10 billion by 2050, it’s no surprise that agricultural technology, or AgTech, has seen a boom in recent years. To meet growing demands for renewable energy, food production, and water management, emerging startups are turning to groundbreaking tech solutions. Ontario, Canada, a global leader in sustainable agri-food, is home to some of the most innovative AgTech startups. Let’s delve deeper into some noteworthy Ontario-based AgTech startups that are shaping the future of agriculture.

Elevate Farms

Founded by Amin Jadavji, Elevate Farms leverages technology to grow sustainable greens without the use of pesticides. They use a proprietary blockchain-tracked system to track the greens from seed to sale, ensuring transparency in the farming industry.

Adapt AgTech Inc.

Adapt AgTech Inc., founded by Chanel Murray, Jonathan Murray and Robert Imbeault, specializes in mushroom-based food and beverage. Visit their website for more information about their innovative AgTech solutions.

Vivid Machines

Founded by Jenny Lemieux and Jonathan Binas, Vivid Machines is bringing revolution to agricultural production. They make AI, machine learning, and software applications to help fruit and vegetable farmers produce more food in an eco-friendly way.


CELL AG TECH, spearheaded by founders Josh Pollack and Valentin Fulga, pushes the boundaries of sustainable cell-cultured seafood with the goal to become the global leader in this sphere.


Eric Bergeron and Eric Levesque founded Cultivatd, a startup designed to identify and address all indoor farming needs, there by revolutionizing the industry.

Liven Proteins

Liven Proteins, directed by Fei Luo, makes functional protein ingredients by fermenting agriculture and food industry byproducts. Visit their website to learn more.

Urban Stalk Inc.

Directed by Brent Downey, Urban Stalk develops innovative hydroponic technologies to increase food security in urban and at-risk communities.

Bioimaging Research Solutions

Bioimaging Research Solutions strives to streamline and enhance the food-production system from farm to consumer, ensuring sustainability and efficiency in food processing.

Genuine Taste

Genuine Taste, founded by Emily Farrar and Pooya Mamaghani, focuses on cell agriculture specifically dealing with cultivated fat, leading to a number of possibilities in the biotech industry.

Innovative Protein Technologies

Innovative Protein Technologies, the brainchild of Daniel Krska and Erin Laidley, is dedicated to developing eco-friendly crop protection products, thus safeguarding environmental health in the agriculture field.

Index Biosystems

Founded by Mike Borg, Index Biosystems is a genetic food system traceability solutions provider which specialises in source-of-origin traceability and identity preservation.

Waterpoint Lane

Co-founded by Ben Gibbons, Waterpoint Lane focuses on businesses promoting sustainable practices throughout the food supply chain.


Cropinno provides AI powered AgTech solutions including Machine Learning, SaaS, and software tools to increase productivity and decrease environmental impact in agriculture.


Spornado, with founders Kristine White and Michael Saleh at the helm, is an early alert system for crop disease that detects disease in the field, showcasing the innovation in the predictive analytics and sustainability fields.

Transport Genie

Transport Genie, a global leader in the humane and sustainable transportation of livestock, aims to solve food security issues through precision monitoring.

With a surge in technological advancement and environmental consciousness, AgTech startups in Ontario are revolutionizing the agricultural landscape. Offering ambitious green initiatives and innovative solutions, these startups prove that the future of agriculture lies in sustainable, tech-driven practices. With the combined forces of technology and Mother Nature, it’s clear that the future of agriculture in Ontario and beyond is bright.

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