Who are Ontario’s Most Influential Asset Management Startups in 2023?

Ontario, Canada is bustling with innovation and development, especially in the realm of Asset Management startups. These businesses are leveraging technology, bringing fresh approaches to asset management and creating opportunities across multiple sectors. From AI investment strategies to private equity firms, these startups are making significant strides in transforming finance and investment. This article explores some of these companies and their impressive work.

All these startups bring unique solutions to the financial sector. These ideas are not only revolutionizing Asset Management in Ontario but also setting a pace for the rest of the nation to follow. They have redefined the traditional norms of asset management and are leading the way to a more lucrative and secure financial future.

Below is a list of 15 cutting-edge Asset Management startups from Ontario, their descriptions, and industries they are serving. Each one brings something extraordinary to the table, relating practicality with technological innovation to redefine what was once thought possible in asset management.


Founder(s): Andrew Peek, Cameron Westland, Clifton van der Linden

Delphia is a startup poised to revolutionize the investment industry with artificial intelligence. They build an AI investment strategy that aids anyone in improving their data; this feature is a draw for industries such as FinTech, Hedge Funds, and Machine Learning. It is a testimony to the transformative power of artificial intelligence in today’s financial services.


Founder(s): James Rockwood, Maxim Moreau, Rob Crnkovic

CapIntel is an investment sales platform utilized by several financial advisors and asset management sales teams in North America. The firm’s usefulness expands to Wealth Management too. CapIntel’s platform simplifies investment comparison and sales reporting, therefore saving time and improving advisor productivity and client communication.

Essential Real Estate Partners

Founder(s): Dan Merriam, Sandy Mackay

Essential Real Estate Partners is a real estate fund management firm with private partnerships in Canada. They focus on commercial real estate and real estate investments, providing comprehensive, innovative real estate services.


Founder(s): Ehsan Fazl-Ersi, Timothy Burgess

WealthAgile provides an AI-Driven Smart Crypto Platform for Investors. This platform combines various technologies like Finance, SaaS, and Machine Learning to simplify the process of investing for its users.

Brookfield Reinsurance Partners

Brookfield Reinsurance Partners is a reinsurance business that specializes in providing capital-based solutions. More information can be found on their website here.

FRNT Financial

Founder(s): Adam Rabie, Stéphane Ouellette

If you are looking for a startup specializing in institutional trading, software development, digital assets, and business operations, then FRNT Financial is the place for you. The firm provides tailor-made solutions to fit the unique needs of its clients.


velavu offers vehicle tracking, driving events, geofencing, and pallet tracking. Apart from that, they also provide information technology services, ensuring optimum utility and functionality of your assets.


Founder(s): Vikram Nabar

Be-Hive provides comprehensive asset tracking and monitoring services. The detailed information can be found here.


A brokerage that deals with digital asset exchange, crypto, future trading, and metaverse tokens sounds exciting, right? Visit 8V.com for more details.

Portsmouth Residential

Portsmouth Residential is a real estate asset management firm that you can get more information about here.


Founder(s): Saad Hassan

Nvestiv is an investment management firm that offers analytics and artificial intelligence services. Their unique value proposition lies in their sophisticated and intelligent investment solutions.

Avebury Equity Partners

Founder(s): Corey Hawtin

Avebury Equity Partners is involved in construction and real estate asset management. Their investment strategy is to build sustainable businesses with a long-term vision.



Building the future of tomorrow, HIGH GROWTH HOLDINGS demonstrates biotechnological prowess. This company focuses on biotechnology and asset management to drive growth.

Harness Investment Management

Looking for tailored and integrated investment management solutions? Harness Investment Management is your spot. They dedicate their services to providing financial services and wealth management.

Harlo Entertainment

Harlo Entertainment is a private equity firm providing asset management to the hospitality, entertainment, and lifestyle industries. They utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to asset management, contributing to their success in this niche.

Ontario has indeed earned a glowing reputation for its thriving Asset Management startups, thanks to these businesses. They’ve set a high bar for innovation, productivity, and efficiency in asset management. The startups above brilliantly correlate technology, finance, and inspiration to yield unique asset management solutions. We look forward to seeing their growth and contributions continue in the years ahead.

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