Who Are Ontario’s Most Influential Health Diagnostics Startups in 2023?

Ontario, Canada has positioned itself as a pioneer in innovative health technology solutions, with startups revolutionizing the healthcare industry. These startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches to tackle healthcare challenges. From the early detection of life-threatening illnesses to improving patient care through AI (Artificial Intelligence), these startups are making their mark not only in Canada but also worldwide.

Health Diagnostics startups specifically are making pivotal changes in accelerating diagnosis, patient care and treatment options. In this edition, we will delve deeper into some of the most fascinating Health Diagnostics startups based in Ontario, Canada. These startups are breaking new ground with their innovative solutions in medical technology.

Each startup has its unique approach to solving health-related issues, but the common thread between them all is their commitment to improving health outcomes. Let’s explore these startups and see how they are making a difference in the Health Diagnostics sector.


Adela, founded by Daniel Carvalho and Scott Bratman, is a health care startup focusing on detecting cancer and other high morbidity, high mortality conditions through a routine blood test. This startup is turning the tide in the early diagnosis and treatment of deadly diseases.


AgeRate, co-founded by Cole Kirschner, Guillaume Paré, Kevin Peters, is focused on developing a biotech platform that tracks aging in real-time. The startup’s platform critically impacts personal health and wellness.

TelomEye Pharmaceuticals

TelomEye Pharmaceuticals is providing treatments to prevent and improve age-related ophthalmologic disorders. This startup’s focus on eye health is shifting the paradigm.


Co-founded by Yann Gagnon and Zamir Khan, ClearVoxel is designed to help radiologists diagnose patients more accurately and quickly using AI. This human-in-the-loop platform is bringing a new era of enhanced patient care.

Altis Labs

Altis Labs, Felix Baldauf-Lenschen being one of the founders, is helping life science companies to conduct more successful clinical trials faster using a computational imaging software platform.


Founders Ananth Ravi and John Dillon’s startupMolli, is easing lesion removal in lumpectomy by manufacturing its Molli localization device, making surgical procedures safer and more efficient.

Arma Biosciences

Created by Hanie Yousefi, Shana Kelley, and Surath Gomis, Arma Biosciences is developing a sensor platform that can monitor multiple physiological markers. Their innovative sensor technology plays a critical role in personalized healthcare and wellness.

PharmAssess Diagnostics

Co-founders Thomas Bogdanowicz and Wesley Seuthprachack’s PharmAssess Diagnostics startup focuses on providing a digital health Software as a Service (SaaS) designed for pharmacies and patients.

AI Genetics

AI Genetics offers AI-based genomic testing for DNA analytics, lab testing, and provision of DNA collection kits. This biotechnology startup is pushing the edges of genetic science, significantly impacting personal health and wellness.


Theraphage designs and develops bacteriophage-based immunotherapeutics for various infectious diseases. Its pioneering approach offers hope in the battle against global illnesses.

Telemed MD

Founded by Rakesh Mistry, Telemed MD is a virtual platform providing access to health care consultations for various domains including general care, dermatology, gynecology, and pediatrics.

Kingston Cardiology Associates

Kingston Cardiology Associates provides health diagnostic x-ray laboratory services, making it easier and faster to diagnose heart-related health issues.


Founded by Jacob John and Siyavash G. Nia, Insighthx provides an end-to-end platform for clinicians to improve all preventive care programs, thus elevating the standard of patient care.


Co-founded by Haider Hassan and Pirunthan Perampalam, Perabiom is a startup actively involved in AI, Biotechnology, and Medical devices for better diagnoses and treatment in healthcare.

Leveljump Healthcare

Leveljump Healthcare is an innovative telehealth company specializing in the diagnostic imaging and radiology sector, bringing technology to the forefront of healthcare.

This roster of innovative Health Diagnostic startups is making a significant impact in the healthcare industry. Their solutions, driven by modern technology, promise a brighter future for healthcare in Ontario and beyond.

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