Who are Toronto’s Leading Influencers in Social Media Marketing Startups?

Canada’s tech ecosystem is booming, and no place is this more evident than the bustling city of Toronto. In this article, we’ll follow the pulse of the city and delve into arguably one of the most significant marketing developments of the digital age – Social Media Marketing (SMM). In particular, we’ll shine a spotlight on the innovative startups based out of Toronto that are revolutionising the SMM landscape, making leaps and bounds in areas as diverse as QR promotions, creator marketing, blockchain marketing, and more. It’s time to meet the change-makers and industry shapers of Toronto’s burgeoning SMM scene.


Website: Flyshot
Founded by Ronen Verdi and Tanya Sardana, Flyshot is revolutionising the advertising space with their unique Magic QR promotions. They provide a platform built specifically for ads and influencer campaigns. Their industry is centered on advertising, digital marketing, social media marketing, and software.


Website: Cloutdesk
Cloutdesk, founded by Paul Xue, Samantha E. Cutler, and Trevor Mengel, is shaping the future of creator marketing by providing an infrastructure layer for it. Their main industry focus areas include advertising, B2B, content creators, marketing, and social media marketing.


Website: Rewardly
In the e-commerce space, Rewardly, founded by Harsh Pujara, is a standout with its unique social cashback marketplace. Rewardly turns everyday social media sharing into rewards for customers, cutting its teeth in industries like advertising, e-commerce, food and beverage, and loyalty programs, to name a few.


Website: Blockwiz
Blockwiz, founded by Dev Sharma, is a marketing agency that offers advertising services specific to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Their focus is on advertising, cryptocurrency, marketing, and social media marketing.


Website: Waveform
Waveform is a full-service agency established with the core focus of providing clients with guidance and access to the gaming industry. The main sectors they focus on are audio, digital marketing, events, and social media marketing.


Website: Adbloom
Adbloom, founded by Andrew Abony and Ryan Timm, aims at growth marketing for leading startups and fortune 500’s alike. They specialize in affiliate marketing, app marketing, digital marketing, market research, marketing, and social media marketing.

My People Know

Website: My People Know
With the slogan ‘Creators that run the internet’, My People Know operate in the fields of advertising, content creators, creative agency, digital entertainment, DRM, marketing, and media entertainment.

Wanderland Agency

Website: Wanderland Agency
Founded by Francois Huppertz and Michael Doumit, Wanderland Agency offers web design and online marketing services. Their industries of focus include advertising, email marketing, marketing, social media marketing, and web design.

Grid Communications

Website: Grid Communications
As a social media and web design agency, Grid Communications, founded by Raul Lince, offers services in advertising, graphic design, social media advertising, video advertising, web design, and web development.

Semper Fi Digital

Website: Semper Fi Digital
Semper Fi Digital provide a diverse range of digital services. They offer services in advertising, content marketing, digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and web development.

Rayvn Design

Website: Rayvn Design
Working as a brand strategy and design consultancy, Rayvn Design specializes in helping experts create premium brands. The firm’s main industries are advertising, brand marketing, graphic design, social media marketing, and web design.

Boost Shop

Website: Boost Shop
Boost Shop labels itself as a first-rate digital marketing and product photography agency. They specialize in using data to get results online, with a focus on content, digital marketing, e-commerce, photography, SEO, and social media marketing.

Collective Motion

Website: Collective Motion
As a digital marketing firm, Collective Motion offers UX design, SEO, web development, social media advertising, and branding services.

Kreative House Consulting

Website: Kreative House Consulting
Kreative house Consulting provides a range of digital marketing services, including branding & design, social media, and marketing and ad planning.

Canadian Web Designs

Website: Canadian Web Designs
Covering a broad spectrum of digital services, Canada Web Designs offer SEO services, email marketing, classified marketing, automation services, PPC and much more!

In conclusion, whether you’re a newbie entrepreneur or an established business, it’s clear that Toronto’s SMM startups hold a fresh dose of inspiration for everyone. Harness the power of social media and rocket your venture to new heights with these cutting-edge Canadian firms!

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