Who are Waterloo, Ontario’s Most Influential Software Startups in 2023?

The city of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada has always been a bustling hub for innovation, big ideas, and in recent years – software startups. As an integral part of Canada’s robust tech scene, these edgy startups have been steadily gaining international recognition for their ground-breaking ideas and solutions. Let’s take a closer look at some impressive software startups that call Waterloo home.

These innovative startups are taking Canadian industry by the reins and steering it towards an exciting future filled with boundless potential. Their spheres of influence range from blockchain technology to edTech, medical health, and many others. Armed with the powerhouse of cutting-edge technology, these startups are challenging traditional paradigms and revolutionizing their respective industries.

We’ll delve into the inspiring stories of 15 of Waterloo’s most trailblazing software startups that are reshaping how we connect, learn, work, and even enjoy sports and social media. We’ll also get up-close and personal with some of the visionary founders propelling these startups to new heights.

Axelar Network

Axelar Network is a brainchild of Georgios Vlachos and Sergey Gorbunov, it operates in the Blockchain, Developer API, and Network Security domain. This decentralized communication tool connects blockchain ecosystems, applications, and assets.


With Afzal Mawji and Calvin Chung at the helm, Springdel is venturing beyond traditional cloud and device management. Its EdgeOps platform, specifically designed for the Edge of Things, incorporates AI technology, cybersecurity, and machine learning, among others.


C. James Cooper founded DigitalEd, an edTech company specialising in cloud-based software for science, engineering, and mathematics education. By utilizing online education solutions, DigitalEd is breaking barriers in e-learning.


Under the leadership of Kelly Brooks, Quarter4 is revolutionising the sports industry with AI and machine learning. Generating over 2M sporting predictions daily, it serves a variety of B2B customers including SportsBooks and Media amongst others.


Founded by Eunika Sot, Mitch Brogan, and Thomas Cermak, Yuser is a decentralized social networking platform built just for its users. It operates in the fields of Communities, Cryptocurrency, and Social Network Software.

Adaptive Pulse

Adaptive Pulse, spearheaded by founders Jennifer Huynh, and Johnson Phanyaseng, provides a cloud and AI-based customer retention monitoring platform for improving CRM and customer service.

The OWL Solutions

Established by Hugo Fuentes and Miguel Gallardo, The OWL Solutions is a data analytics and visualization platform that operates in the realm of analytics, software, and supply chain management.

Lean Payments

Nadir Ibrahim and Syed M. Irfan founded Lean Payments, a platform with a goal of empowering Canadian SMEs to succeed in the global economy by simplifying their international cash flow management.


Aileen Agada started BeBlended, a SaaS-enabled marketplace that connects Black women to hairstylists worldwide, bridging the gap in the beauty, cosmetics, and software marketplace.


Founded by Margaret Mutumba, MedAtlas aims to make it easy to connect with specialist doctors from anywhere in Africa, using its healthcare software solutions.


The founders of Inductiv, Ihab Ilyas, and Theodoros Rekatsinas, created an AI-powered technology that automates processes for identifying and correcting errors in data in the realm of analytics and machine learning.


Chirp, the brainchild of Justin Schorn, Parthipan Siva, and Shannon White, is designed to offer aging adults a safer home with its healthcare software.


Started by Jamie Hari, Derisk provides cybersecurity services, working in the fields of cyber security and software.

Lumaki Labs

Lumaki Labs is an edTech startup by Fatimah Areola and Mylene Tu. They create software tools that help companies and schools unlock the potential of virtual internships.


Geoffrey Whittington launched Perk.Exchange to bridge the worlds of cryptocurrency and commercial software. This platform offers a unique rewards and recognition system.

Each of these 15 dynamic Waterloo startups is demonstrating the power of innovation in solving real world problems. They are setting a strong precedent for the future of Canadian technology, showcasing Waterloo as a hotbed for creative ideas and industry leaders. As the Canadian tech-scene continues to grow, so too does the influence of these innovative software start-ups.

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