Who Are Toronto’s Most Influential Sales Startups in 2023?

Canada has always been a breeding ground for innovation, especially in the startup world. Toronto, in particular, is brimming with disruptive startups that are transforming traditional industries with advanced technologies, creative problem-solving, and a drive for change. Sales startups are no exception to this. The sales sector is booming with innovative Canadian startups that are leveraging the power of data analysis, artificial intelligence, automation, and other cutting-edge technologies to transform the sales landscape for businesses, both small and large. From Relationship Signal Intelligence monitoring to eco-friendly paper towels, we’re excited to showcase 15 interesting sales startups from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Pipeline Signals Inc.

Pipeline Signals Inc is a startup that specializes in Relationship Signal Intelligence Monitoring for account-based sales services. With its robust SaaS integration into CRM services, it has made a significant impact on several industries such as Business Development, Information Services, Lead Generation, and more. Founded by Jamie Shanks, the startup has carved a niche for itself in the field of Marketing Automation, SaaS, Sales and Sales Automation.


Focusing on Salestech for the construction industry, TeamGram provides a unique solution for suppliers. The company was founded by Ahmet Yurekli, Orkun Pesinci, and Pinar Gorsev and caters to the CRM, SaaS, Sales, and Small and Medium Businesses sectors.


Founded by Sumathi Pundit, Kaitongo utilizes Artificial Intelligence to provide data and insights with a unique feature of extracted insights suggesting the use of content. This has made it stand out in the Artificial Intelligence, Professional Services, Sales, Software industries.


Zagitas, founded by Carlos Secada and Joel Moreno, offers digital robots that automate mundane tasks for employees, thus enhancing productivity. It establishes its mark in the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Marketing Automation, and Sales Automation industry.


Papaya brings an eco friendly solution to the market by manufacturing reusable paper towels. The startup operates in the Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Product Design, Sales industries.

The Writer Buzz

The Writer Buzz is a software company that specializes in lead generation, sales automation, and sales engagement services. Founded by Mitchell Conery, it is noteworthy in the Lead Generation, Sales Automation, and Software industry.


Caddie, founded by Alan Nowogrodski and Marshall Johnston, enables the scheduling of meetings and instant qualification of leads from your website. Its influence expands across the Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, and Software sectors.


Autoklose, founded by Shawn Finder and Vedran Rasic, provides a sales engagement platform with built-in B2B sales contacts. It operates within the SaaS, Sales Automation, and Software sectors.

Lunas Consulting

Lunas Consulting offers sales consulting and B2B lead generation services to level up sales industries. It operates in the B2B, Consulting, Lead Generation, Sales, and Training sectors.


Correly, co-founded by Andrew McEwen, Etai Mizrahi, and Jay Parthasarthy, is cloud software for interactive and customer-friendly video conferencing. Correly is contributing significantly to the B2B, SaaS, Sales, Software, and Video sectors.


Focusing on the distribution of life science equipment and reagents, AFSBio, founded by Erica D’Angelo, is contributing significantly in the Biotechnology, Life Science, and Sales sectors.


Groundhogg, headed by Adrian Tobey, focuses on offering automation for marketing and sales to CRM firms.

Open Industry

Open Industry offers a marketplace that connects industry experts with leading organizations to fast track innovation and thought leadership. It operates within the B2B, Business Development, Internet, Market Research, Marketing, Marketplace, Sales, and Social Network sectors.

XR Ignite

Alan Smithson’s XR Ignite serves as a community hub and virtual accelerator for startups, studios, and developers, connecting them with corporate customers. XR Ignite operates within the Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Retail, Retail Technology, Sales Automation, and Virtual Reality sectors.


Founded by Ian Morton and Steph Bigue, Manyways offers a Customer engagement SaaS powered by a no-code journey management system with logic modelling, results matching and personalization engines. It operates within the Customer Service, Digital Marketing, SaaS, Sales, Software, Web Design, and Web Development sectors.

In summary, sales startups in Toronto are revolutionizing the business landscape, introducing innovative solutions designed to boost efficiency, improve customer relations, accelerate growth, and ultimately enhance profitability. The future certainly looks promising for these companies and the industries they serve.

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