Who are Vancouver’s Most Influential Video Startups in 2023?

Let’s take a virtual tour through the ever-growing tech startup scene of Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver is not only known for its rich and diverse culture but also as a tech-driven city, leading and innovating in various sectors. One of these sectors includes video startups, a booming, exciting industry bolstered by creative minds finding innovative ways to entertain, connect, and amaze. In this article, we will delve into some of the most interesting video startups in Vancouver, their unique features, areas of specialization, and the brilliant minds that founded them.

The video industry isn’t confined to producing movies or tv series. It expands to dating apps, gaming communities, file sharing platforms, and much more. Video content remains an essential tool that allows startups to express their ideas, showcase their offerings, and engage their users. The trend towards digitalization, coupled with the power of visual storytelling, makes this domain a hotbed for innovation.

Vancouver’s video startup scene is characterized by its remarkable diversity, ranging from mobile gaming to live streaming platforms, blockchain games, and even a video-first dating app. There’s something for everyone in this dynamic city, which seems to have created an ideal ecosystem for tech startups to thrive. Here are 15 fascinating examples of Vancouver video startups creating waves in the industry.

Snack App

Snack App is revolutionizing the concept of online dating by introducing a video-first approach. Conceived by Kim Kaplan, Snack App targets Gen-Z users with its unique blend of video-centric interactions, making online connections more engaging and exciting. Snack App resides in an interesting intersection of Apps, Dating, Digital Entertainment, iOS, and Video industries.


Web3Games, founded by KK Chen and Pak Hin, is creating an all-in-one epicenter for everything related to blockchain games. The platform offers spaces for playing, creating, and discussing blockchain games, bringing together a community of like-minded gamers. Web3Games operates in the Blockchain and Video Games sectors.

Cash Live

Cash Live is an intriguing blend of mobile poker, social casino gaming, and live-streamed poker tournaments. Founders Matt Jarvis and Samarth Chandola have created a platform that combines gaming’s thrill with the excitement of live video-streamed events, inhabiting the Fantasy Sports, Gambling, Mobile, and Video Streaming sectors.

X1 Esports and Entertainment

With a primary focus on video games and the content creator industry, X1 Esports and Entertainment is a portfolio company bringing together gaming and media. Founders Adam Giddens and Mark Elfenbein are carving a niche in the Gaming, IT, Media and Entertainment, and Video Games industries.

Sherwa Online Services

Sherwa Online Services aims to build a friendly gaming community that offers help and companionship. Founders Andre P. Gross, Luiz Persechini, and Pedro Vasconcellos are making waves in the IT, Online Games, Peer-to-Peer, Sharing Economy, and Video Games sectors.


As a streamlined live streaming platform, Castr allows businesses of all sizes to deliver high-quality videos comfortably and effectively. Founders Asha Sukannya, Gokul Ramkumar, and Govinda Sunil are bringing an essential service to the Internet, Software, Video, and Video Streaming industries.


50mMidas is a modern cross-platform digital media company founded by Justin Jin. Operating in the Content, Content Creators, Media and Entertainment, Social Media Advertising, and Video sectors, 50mMidas merges various mediums to produce compelling content. Visit their website for more information.

LEAF Mobile

LEAF Mobile is a free-to-play mobile game group committed to creating engaging games that keep players coming back for more. Darcy Taylor, one of the company founders, has played a significant role in offering players top-tier content in the Gaming, Mobile Apps, Online Games, and Video Games sectors.

Extremely OK Games

Extremely OK Games seeks to provide digital entertainments that amuse and captivate. The studio creates games with unique gameplay mechanics and is making strides in the Internet, Online Games, and Video Games sectors.

SingularityX Studios

SingularityX Studios, dedicated to creating immersive video games, offers an impressive range of games crossing various genres. Founder Liam Lytton is driving this initiative to provide the gaming community with engaging, high-quality experiences.

Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc

Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc‘s platform combines various sectors like E-Commerce, Gaming, Software, and Video Games, proving to be a comprehensive hub for different gaming-related services. They offer a blend of software solutions for skill-based gaming, and tech platforms.

Tiny Colony

If blockchain games are where your interests lie, Tiny Colony has you covered. They specialize in blockchain games aimed at providing users with an enjoyable web3 experience, a novel concept in the Blockchain, Gaming, Online Games, and Video Games industries.

Gasket Games

The Gasket Games studio develops online games using groundbreaking match-making systems. Founders Jeff Lydell and Matthew Kuzminski bring a unique take to the Software and Video Games industries, ensuring players always get well-matched opponents.

Ludare Games Group

Ludare Games Group operates a network of ventures within the games ecosystem. With its business intelligence approach, Ludare is dedicated to creating compelling gaming experiences in the Gaming and Video Games sectors.


Founded by Mark Bakker, LicketyLink offers the fastest way to share large files and is especially useful for video content. Users can even begin downloading while the file is still uploading, making the platform a truly innovative solution within the File Sharing, Software, and Video industries.

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