Who are Vancouver’s Most Influential Cryptocurrency Startups in Canada 2023?

As a burgeoning technological hub, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada hosts a vibrant community of cryptocurrency startups. Leveraging this advanced technology, these businesses are revolutionizing various sectors, including fintech, gaming, and e-commerce. From creating new opportunities for investments to enhancing blockchain infrastructures, the startups are the front-runners in the crypto space. This article focuses on 15 promising Vancouver-based cryptocurrency startups.

LayerZero Labs

Founded by Bryan Pellegrino, Caleb Banister, and Ryan Zarick, LayerZero Labs is an omnichain interoperability protocol that brings decentralized applications from different blockchains under a single umbrella. This startup straddles the domains of apps, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and software.

Big Whale Labs

Next up is Big Whale Labs, a web 3 social startup that’s transforming the way we connect on the internet. Their focus lies in the intersection of cryptocurrency and the internet.


A venture started by Dan Beck, Daniel Beck, and Nelson Ijih, BlockMint operates at the cutting-edge of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning. Their focus is distributed networks, systems, and cryptocurrencies.


ByteX, founded by Robert Balazs and Sayan Roy, is a non-custodial CeDeFi cryptocurrency platform. It operates in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, and internet.


Introducing Covalent, a company solving read-scalability issues in the cryptocurrency domain. Co-founded by Ganesh Swami and Levi Aul, this firm spans various sectors like blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, and data integration.


Co-created by Matt Bailey, GameOn introduces an innovative way of engaging superfans. It sits at the intersection of blockchain, consumer applications, cryptocurrency, fantasy sports, gaming, online games, and sports.


Founded by Mehmet Taskiran, Orderinbox is a social commerce platform for the Metaverse, navigating the space between blockchain, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, internet, social, social media, and trading platforms.

Traders Central

Traders Central is a fintech company specializing in virtual currency, cryptocurrency, funding, and liquidity services.


Brought to you by Benny Giang, Bryce Bladon, and Dieter Shirley, CryptoKitties is a game where users can collect and breed virtual cats on blockchain. This startup blends the worlds of blockchain, cryptocurrency, internet, mobile apps, and online games.


Co-founded by Alex Gausman, NFTX is a protocol platform for creating liquid markets for illiquid Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Their field of interest lies in blockchain, cryptocurrency, financial services, and fintech.

Mainstream Labs

Initiated by Byeongjun Moon, Mainstream Labs is a token-gated forum for DAO participants to discuss, vote, and be rewarded all in one platform.

Cycurid Technologies

Cycurid Technologies addresses the wide-ranging challenges with digital identity via their software solutions. Their expertise lies in blockchain, compliance, cryptocurrency, identity management, privacy, security, and software.

Sublime Ventures

Sublime Ventures an innovative web3 venture capital firm, invests in appealing projects with the world’s leading institutional VC. They operate in the fields of angel investments, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

AO Bridge

AO Bridge is a virtual asset management platform that also functions as a digital wallet, and mobile app. Their operations span blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech.


Last but not least, Keter, founded by Alberto Cevallos, is a tech research and development firm specializing in token engineering and blockchain economics. They operate in blockchain, consulting, cryptocurrency, and sharing economy.

This eclectic group of startups is driving innovation in the cryptocurrency landscape of Vancouver, proving that this city is a hotspot for the evolution of digital currency technology.

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