Who Are Vancouver’s Most Influential Digital Marketing Startups in 2023?

There’s no denying that digital marketing has taken the world of business by storm. It’s underpinning the success of various ventures, from multinational conglomerates, right down to local enterprises in Vancouver, British Columbia. Digital marketing, driven by data, technology, and creativity, offers a rich platform for enterprises seeking to engage audiences and transform opportunities into viable business avenues. Let’s take a closer look at some innovative startups in Vancouver that are making waves in the digital marketing ecosystem.

This vibrant, scenic city isn’t just home to picturesque landscapes and a thriving cultural scene. It is also a hotbed for digital marketing startups, offering a host of services from SaaS and social media advertising to content creation and market research. In the article which follows, we’ll learn about 15 of such promising startups, known not only for their disruptive solutions but also the potential to reshape the digital marketing landscape. These startups cover various sectors within the expansive field of digital marketing, providing insight into different niches within the industry.

Whether it’s automating collaborations between influencers and SMEs, offering cutting-edge market research, or providing a flawless marketplace for brands and creators, each of these startups has a unique story to tell and a solution to offer. We explore their journey, their offerings and the dynamic teams behind these innovative enterprises making Vancouver’s digital marketing arena a vibrant, exciting space.


The first on our list is Creator.co, a creator ecosystem designed to automate collaborations between influencers and Small Medium Enterprises. This venture was initiated by Vinod Varma, and operates in several key areas such as content creation, digital marketing, and social media advertising.


Next is RightMetric, branding itself as the leading Digital Market Research Agency. This startup, founded by Charlie Grinnell, sits at the intersection of Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing.


At Collabstr, concepted by Clayton Rannard and Kyle Dulay, they have orchestrated a marketplace that conveniently connects creators and brands making them key players in the social media marketing industry.

Dealer Media

For car dealers seeking to amplify their digital presence, Dealer Media is at their service. This startup focuses on helping car dealers expand their businesses by leveraging digital marketing.


Growlyn, a brainchild of Sayenden Supramaniyam, offers a marketing and social media management platform that provides automated content curation and engagement for businesses. Notably, they utilise Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in their operations.

Swipe Right Media

Over at Swipe Right Media, they provide support for startups and small businesses to discover and claim government incentives, all under the banner of digital marketing and financial services.

Able & Howe

In the realm of marketing consulting is Able & Howe. Founded by Andreas Schleich, the company delivers fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Marketing Drive Sales (MDS), marketing execution, and team outsourcing services.

JAR Audio

JAR Audio, a venture of Roger Nairn, operates as a creative agency specialising in podcasting, digital marketing, and content strategy they offer services in advertising, audio production, and branding.

Lead Local SEO

Focusing on optimizing website performance, is Lead Local SEO. Their niche market revolves around providing local SEO services for businesses in Vancouver.


At AeroQube, software product development, design, and consulting are the main offerings. Their services extend to digital marketing, e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, and more.

Ollo Metrics

Ollo Metrics is a digital marketing agency that prioritises marketing analytics, SEO, conversion rate optimization, and social media advertising in their service provision.

Orange Bear Marketing

Orange Bear Marketing prides itself on being a creative, strategic and technology-led marketing agency offering services in advertising, content marketing, email marketing, and more.

Deets Technologies

Deets Technologies, initiated by Timothy Hamilton, provides a digital solution for all levels of the marketing funnel, aiming to make the most of the customer flywheel.


For the music industry, Rise, founded by Tim Jack, delivers digital marketing solutions tailored to the industry’s needs including Spotify conversion, exposure, and playlist growth campaigns.

Digital257 Technologies

Lastly, Digital257 Technologies, a business development venture by Dylan Berg, is a remarkable player in the realm of consultancy and digital marketing.

And so, these are the 15 digital marketing startups in Vancouver that are embracing state-of-the-art technologies and original ideas to drive marketing in new directions. Each with their unique solution, they are contributing to making the digital marketing ecosystem more effective, engaging and diverse.

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